Melissa Wanjiru

Design Curator

I used to wonder which magic key opens up a better, more inspiring life and future;


Upon discovering that self-belief & creative power were the ultimate master keys, I unlocked an inner wellspring of love that overflows with luxurious abundance.

Of which I love sharing.

I won’t be so bold as to say I’m a piece of art (I’ll leave that for you to decide) but I have been known to surround myself with art; to turn ordinary moments into memories that last lifetimes just like art.

We all fall into the comfortable rhythm of our day-to-day lives. But sometimes you long for an extra bit of exhilaration that awakens your senses, like the feeling of electricity crackling through the air on a particularly exquisite first date.

Isn’t that why you and I are here, after all?


So let’s muse over the first time we meet. Your eyes will take in a woman with a rich chocolate, satiny complexion and curves that ebb and flow so naturally, you won’t know where to start or stop your gaze. A lady with impeccable manners, flawless presentation, and an undeniable presence. Demure and graceful, you might assume I only drink Dom and wear dainty pearls.

But what you see isn’t what you get. No, my love—you get so much more.

I’ve got a soft heart and a sharp sense of humor, with a penchant for pairing popcorn and Cabernet. Ask for my thoughts on design and my face will light up as I lean in earnestly to share my passion for Ana Arriola who designed the shape of the very first iPhone 📱 or Paola Antonelli who leads in Italian architecture design. And although I will always remain unapologetically feminine, I won’t hesitate to get deliciously dirty on a hike.

🏍 🛥 🚤 🛵🚁⛵️⛰🏖🏜🗺🚄

I straddle the line of contradictions and the unexpected.

You’ll discover that behind my East-African smile and warm demeanor is a sassy minx with a sarcastic bite. Did you catch that naughty glimmer in my eyes? It usually means I’m about to get up to no good with a quick-witted joke or some lighthearted teasing. (If you can dish it back, all the better.)

Also, I’ve heard that I have an accent. I don’t hear it but somehow I hear everyone elses.

I effortlessly ease into every situation. In one moment, you might find me engaging in lighthearted small talk and clinking glasses with tastemakers. The next, I’ll be deep in discussion about Pollock.


I like keeping company with those who don’t take themselves too seriously but are serious about the things they believe in. Gentlemen who know how to treat a woman like a lady. Who don’t mind that I’m both mischievous and charming, sensual and modest, esoteric and easygoing sometimes a little stoic. Laughter is my love language and I’m a sucker for when it’s reciprocated.
But whether we’re out exploring or tucked away in a private enclave, my attention is yours. When it’s just you and me in our own little world, we’ll have all of the time and none of the rules, demands, or dust of everyday life. We’ll fall asleep in those comfortable pockets of silence, savoring each other’s company, and wake up in the most intimate moments to share our secrets and indulgences.

Oh, and should we ever find ourselves at the Seattle Art Museum, remind me to show you the sculpture
that stunned me into silence for 15 minutes (which is no easy feat). Or if you want, I can tell you all about it when we next meet.

It is always wonderful to me, to give you the gift of my presence. 💋

Ageless Beauty

Invest in my creative potential & experience my female creative genius


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Let’s Meet

I accept clients regardless of their ethnicity, gender identity, or ability. What matters to me is that you're a kind and respectful person. Prior to contacting me review FAQ please♡.



Wherever the destination, whether we’re sneaking away to the Hamptons or heading to L.A. for business, one thing will stay the same: you’ll be left wanting for nothing, except to plan our next rendezvous.

Let’s take a morning hike and get our hearts racing. Or maybe play a round of golf (I’d love for you to teach me) or do a wine tasting in the afternoon. With my witty cocktail banter and irresistible presence, I’ll be your charming companion and the dinner date you can’t take your eyes off of for the entire evening. And when it’s just us, you won’t be able to resist reaching out to stroke my soft, supple skin as you follow the gentle curves of my back…

Oh, you booked a private villa with a pool? Well, lucky you, because I seem to have misplaced my swimsuit.

When you’re with me, everything is a possibility.


24 Hours

There’s a city full of possibilities when we don’t have to say goodbye at the end of the evening.

As we stroll along 5th Avenue, we’ll stop in at Bergdorf’s, where my fingers will linger longest on the pieces that catch my fancy (wink). After a touch too much champagne with our meal at Marea, I’ll hook my arm within yours while we wander through Central Park to clear our heads of the bubbles. And though we might have dinner reservations, I hope you won’t mind when I suggest we head back to the hotel for dessert.

Come morning, we’ll luxuriate in waking up without a clock and lounge in plush robes before getting lost for hours at the Guggenheim. Or if blissful relaxation is what’s on your mind, we’ll spend the day at Spa de La Mer and pamper ourselves with their divine couples massage...



Aren’t you curious to know what happens after we’ve been dazzled at the Metropolitan Opera? What follows the final exquisite bite of a 15-course meal when we’ve all but succumbed to a decadent, dreamy daze?

This is your chance to find out why I say the after hours are often the best hours.

Let’s hold onto the night’s memories a little while longer as we slip between the soft Egyptian cotton sheets and sink into each other. And as the sun rises, you’ll wake up and pull me in closer before we gently ease into the new day with fresh croissants and coffee in bed and that morning-after glow.


Six Hours

Priority Introduction

When I’m in the mood to indulge, there’s no one I’d rather do it with than someone like you.

So how about we dive in and be each other’s guilty pleasures? Where we can graze through Jungsik’s luscious tasting menu and my eyes will sparkle brighter than the flute of Dom in my delicate hand. And when the hour gets late and we’re headed towards “good night,” we’ll let the delight of the day wash over us like a cool breeze on a balmy night.

Will this leave you wanting more? Absolutely. Because that means I’d love to see you again.


Four Hours

I’ve always had a weak spot for Saturday afternoons, especially those spent in good company.

First up might be an intimate lunch at Le Coucou where we’ll split a bottle of wine and I’ll coyly ask for one (just one, I promise!) of your pommes frites. Then we’ll amble through Chelsea as I take you to my favorite art galleries and playfully prod a debate over the most impactful pieces we see. Or if shopping is more your style, we can head towards the cobblestone streets of Soho.

In the city that never stops running, I dare us to slow down and savor the moments.

Care to join me?
Couples minimum


Three Hours

Preferred Minimum

When you desire a bit of the extraordinary during an otherwise ordinary day, come steal me away for a date. Perhaps a nibble and a sip at the Top of the Standard, where we can catch the sunset as it kisses the skyline.

There you’ll begin to discover my many layers, from poised and polite to sassy Southern belle. And as I order another French 75 and the lights begin to dim...well, who knows what else you might find?

Duo Minimum


Two Hours

I adore it when we have time for a proper introduction. When you can tell me about the one thing you’ll always order if you see it on the menu and I can surprise you with some lesser-known art history facts.

No matter how fast-paced your day, it’s always better when we have those few extra minutes for an afternoon aperitif and a bit of flirty repartee. Although we may have to part ways sooner than we’d like, it’ll still be just long enough for you to forget everything but me.


Hour and a Half

This is our chance to talk about anything you want, from dream vacations to who pours the best Whiskey Sour in the city (I have rather strong opinions about this).

You should know this, though: meeting me is going to be the perfect little break you didn’t know you needed.

Outcall Minimum


One Hour

Though an hour never feels like enough, sometimes that’s all we have. Think of this like a wink and a kiss where we’ll exchange hellos and let our sparks start to fly.


Fly 🛩 or Train 🚄 me to you

Need company for a business trip? Or perhaps you're ready to book that postcard-worthy vacation in the South of France? I'm happy to join you.

Where? Washington, D.C, Philadelphia, Upstate New York, The Hamptons, Boston & anywhere in between. Weekend minimum


Where? Atlanta, Chicago, Austin, Dallas, Miami, and any place in the region with delicious food and friendly people. Weekend Minimum.


Where? Los Angeles, Aspen, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Phoenix, San Diego. 24hr minimum


Where? We could sail through the French Rivera or enjoy the stunning modern architecture in Bilbao at the Guggenheim. The world is ours. Weekend Minimum.

Let’s Take Off

I require a 30-50% deposit + travel expenses upon booking. I love a man with a plan, so I recommend contacting me sooner than later. Business or First Class airfare and 4/5 Star Accommodations are appreciated 💋

Deeper Details


Booking: Ready? If so review the following conditions

Verifiable Personal information (name & valid phone number) & 2 Established References

Verifiable Personal information (name & valid phone number) & Employment Information

Etiquette : Please come fresh and groomed accordingly. Upon meeting if at any time I find myself uncomfortable due but not limited to unacceptable hygiene, unsatisfactory location, substance usage, and troubling behavior/attitude I reserve the right to leave without explanation or request you leave the premises immediately.

Cancellation Policy : In the event, you have to cancel I appreciate a 72 hour notice.

48 hours or less - 100% cancellation fee

72 hours or less - 50% cancellation fee

Deposits can be applied to another consultation within 30 days of initial booking. In the rare event that I cancel, you will be fully refunded.

Failure to provide cancellation fees or 'no shows' without a proper notice will result in blacklisting and the termination of communication.

Privacy : I do not discriminate based on race, age, ability or any of the other qualities that make you who you are. All new clients are screened thoroughly to ensure my safety. I appreciate you for entrusting your delicate information with me, and I will handle it with the utmost discretion, and at your request, your information can be disposed after our initial meeting.

Personal Statement: This is a website about modeling & discreet consultations. I receive compensation for my time only. Anything else that takes place during our time together is a matter of continuous, consenting choice between adults of legal age and is not to be construed as a contractual obligation. I reserve the right to selectively enter into any arrangement, and to end an agreement any time, at my sole discretion.

Thank you for being a gentleman & respecting this,