Advance Paramedical Esthetician

I’m passionate about Health, Beauty, & Esthetics.

I'm a dynamic licensed paramedical esthetician.
I take pride in my work and stay on top of all the latest news and research and skin care. This passion drives me to excel at what I do. I perform a wide range of treatments and advise my clients on skin care regimens. I truly love building rapport with my clients, as well as educating on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

My passion for skin care dates back to my teenage years, when I started taking care of my own appearance and quickly realized I could help other people feel confident and healthy to. My motto is "chasing dreams, and applying creams." I look forward to becoming your personal skinfluencer!

My Top Picks on Product Must Haves!

My top recommendations for my skinfluencers

Recommendation #1

Hands down the best brand of sunscreen I've found and use every day.

•Leaves no white streaks
•Water resistant
•Non greasy and fast absorbing

Recommendation #2

I've been loving this night time face oil and has been in my skin care regimen for almost over a year now.

•Visibly reduces fine lines
•Refines skin's texture
•Boosts radiance in just one night
•Helps smooth and firms skin appearance
•Boosts essential moisture
•Absorbs quickly with a light weight texture
•Key ingredient is Lavender

Recommendation #3

I am a strong advocate for exfoliation and this bad boy has been my go to since I started in esthetics almost 2 years ago. The perfect mix of chemical and physical exfoliant that will have your skin softer than a baby's bottom!

•improves skin tone
•Rice based enzyme powder
•Papain & Salicylic acid
•Unclogs pores
•Gentle enough for daily use
•Reveals brighter and smoother skin

Recommendation #4

Obsessed is an understatement! I really love the rapid results I saw from using this product in literally just three weeks. Almost like a nutritional vitamin for the face. I love to use this when my face feels dull and just needs that beautiful UMPH!

•100% vegan ingredients
•Reduce appearance of hyperpigmentation
•Visibly firms
•Evens skin tone
•High in antioxidants
•Reduce morning puffiness

Recommendation #5

This is the STAPLE item to my daily skin care regimen. I cannot live without this oil facial cleanser. I use this in my double cleanse routine or sometimes just this in the morning/night. Absolutely amazing feeling instantly right after I wash. Favorite part you don't use water!

•Deep cleansing oil
•Removes heavy make-up
•Removes sunscreen
•Ideal even for oily conditions
•Removes oils without clogging pores
•Essential fatty acids nourishes skin
•Double cleanse first step

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