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Hi! My name is Melissa Booker. 🤍 I am a recent graduate of The Pennsylvania State University. 🎓I am currently trying to navigate post-graduation life and figure out what the next steps forward.

COVID-19 has put a hold on my plans for a while. I have been looking for new forms of expression, so I have decided to start a blog! ( Because why not!? )👩🏾‍💻

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! I hope you stay awhile! ✨Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram: MelissaTanishaa! I hope you have a fantastic day!

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November 3th, 2020

Is It Too Early?

Yesterday, I went to Target to buy Christmas decorations! I may or may not be overly excited. Christmas in my option is the best holiday. Recently I have been trying to think of gifts for my family and friends. This year has been crazy! I am hoping to find myself being more grateful for the happiness and health of my family.

When I went into Target yesterday with Matt, we usually don't grab a shopping cart in hopes of not spending too much money! This time we grabbed the cart, first mistake! While going through literally every aisle ( a necessity ), we decided we weren't going to get any expensive decor items that will potentially be destroyed by the end of the season.

In my defensive, if your response is, "yes, it is too early to decorate for Christmas." Matt and I are leaving this apartment to return back to our family's houses for Thanksgiving, so I am going to have no time to set up after.

Also, if I am honest, I literally love Christmas! ( :

November 4th, 2020

hello world 🌎👋🏽 November 2nd, 2020

Current Unexpected Life Changes!

Do you remember when people use to tell you "always to expect the unexpected?" That is literally what the tag line of this year could have been! But seriously! You could have never expected this year to turn out the way it is unraveling. This year has been a rollercoaster of emotions and turned out to be one of the most interesting ( to describe in one word) years I have experienced thus far.

Going into the year, I had so many plans for my future and many goals I wanted to accomplish. The beginning of this year brought so many new and exciting experiences into my life. I started the year extremely excited to start my new internship at a minor league baseball team. It was a path in my life that I was thrilled to begin to experience. My internship was teaching me how to enter the professional world. Although my time at this internship was cut short due to COVID, my time was fantastic. I was learning about minor league baseball and just getting into the sports industry. Three months into my ticket sales internship, COVID begin to play a significant role. Before we knew the severity of COVID, we were planning to continue with the season as planned. As time went by and more reports came out, all major league sports had to reconsider how the season would continue to run. MLB decided to delay the 2020 season for their minor league teams, which means that the team I was interning for no longer had a plan for the rest of the season.

COVID, in terms of sports, ultimately meant my internship was ending six months before intended. At this point, I decided to return home to New Jersey before COVID got extremely bad. I would have never guessed that my internship would have ended when it did. The experience as a whole was amazing. For the short three months that I was apart of the IronPigs team, I learned about ticket sales, outbound sales, marketing, and I learned what it would be like to work in the sports industry! ( A very demanding job.)  In that internship, I meet inspiring people who currently worked in a field I only dreamed about experiencing first hand.

I returned home to spend time with my family because I knew this was challenging for everyone, especially recent college graduates like myself. At this point, I knew the current situation I was in would only be solved in time. Spending almost a month and a half back in New Jersey helped me make sense of a very confusing time in my life. By having conversations with my parents and family members, I realized that time would continue to pass. After about a month spent with family, I decided to return to Allentown and spend a few months there before my lease was up. Spending some alone time in Allentown gave me a well-needed reset.

This year has been filled with uncertainty and reasons for doubt, but I found myself extremely lucky. No one in my family has contracted COVID. Although family parties have been taken away from us, we still have our health, and for that, I am extremely grateful. Although I could have never expected this to happen, I am happy that I have found new ways to keep myself occupied during the pandemic.

November 2nd, 2020 7:20pm