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Workplace Dynamics Strategist, Coach, Host of Work Life by Design, Founder & Director COMUNiTI

Inspiring you to design your place at work and in life


There is a way to ensure your workplace not only survives the rapid pace of pandemic-driven change, but thrives and makes your employees feel supported and connected.

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* Are you a naturally organized, people person?  
* You know, that person who has their whole wardrobe coordinated by colour, season and function?  
* But, you also like to live life in the fast lane…   you thrive in a dynamic, ever-changing environment, where no two days look the same? 

Sound like you? Then read on!

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Your Workplace Future Ready | Program

Reimagine your Future of Work

The tried and tested Blueprint to take your organisation from confusion to clarity, unpacking the intelligence that exists in your business, laying the foundation for your future workplace.

5 Day Workplace Challenge

Over 5 days you’ll learn how to connect the intelligence in your organisation to your work environment to set you up for the future of work

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How to transform your workplace and become an Employer of Choice.

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Work Life by Design Podcast

Tune in to hear how organisations have optimised their business by shifting employee and business mindsets from slow, stagnant operations, to agile and flexible environments, established premium levels of employee experience and realised substantial profits.

Work from Home | Program

Don't just Work From Home... Optimise your Home to Work!

You now have full creative licence and the opportunity to create a workspace that inspires you!

You can Work From Home like a BOSS and I'll teach you how!


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Live a life you Love! | PLANNING WORKSHOP

Let's wrap 2020 up in a neat little bow and set your focus on creating your life by design in 2021.

In this half day, in person, planning workshop I'll share with you the process I use every year to reflect, dream and plan so that you too can create goals that inspire you to achieve them and hit the ground running in 2021!


Environments inspiring human potential
As the Founder and Director of COMUNiTI I work with a specialist team of industry experts dedicated to the impact they make whilst collaborating. Couple that with our collective team you have an amazing resource centre, completely tailored to your project.

COMUNiTI Dialogue

COMUNiTI Dialogue is a place to create a conversation and share your experiences on work life, what’s working, what’s not and what we can learn from each other

Melissa Marsden

Inspiring you to design your place at work and in life

What if you found your place at work where you felt at home?

In today’s world, technology is impacting the way we do business and the way we work. Which in turn means we need to look at why we actually beed to go to “work”, when we can physically work from anywhere.

Businesses are having to work harder than ever to position themselves as an employer of choice in today’s “war on talent” and the incoming generations are bringing a new level of expectation to the workplace.

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