Embody & Embrace Your Fully Authentic Self So You Can Expand into Who You Came Here to Be & Live Your Best Life.

Self-led. We flow with your needs and wants in your expansion and the attainment of your goals.

We go deep.
You’re going to transform in the very best way.

We focus on your health in every which way.
Mental - emotional - physical - spiritual.

We work on your mindset, wants & needs, emotional intelligence, shadows and your energetic alignment to ensure the attainment of all it is that you want.

Stand-alone session; £555.

Long term experiences include weekly 1-1 support, messenger support throughout & access to The Growth Shift Community.

3mo - £5555
6mo - £9999
12mo - £18888

Financing options available.

Ready-made proposal available upon request.


Expand Yourself & Your Life With My Support

I Expanded in Every Which Way by:
• Embracing the Vastness That is Me.
• Using My Uniqueness & Inner Power to Generate My Income Online…

… & Now I Help Others Do Exactly The Same in Their Own Unique Way.

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🏊🏼‍♀️ Fitness & Healthy Living.
🎨 Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur.
🗣 Empowering, Motivational & Inspirational Speaker.
🚀 Social Media Marketer & Mentor.
👥 A Loving, No BS, Expansion Coach.
✨ An Energy Healer within the Emotion Code.


Long Distance Energetic Healing

I’ve been an Emotion Code practitioner since May 2019 and since then have helped relieve hundreds of clients of a range of different struggles that are either emotional, mental or physical through the release of trapped emotions.

The Emotion Code is a modality of energy healing that can be done in person or long distance. It facilitates the release of negative trapped emotions that have built up over time and manifested in a way that causes energetic imbalances in the body.

Trapped emotions are truly epidemic, and I am in the true belief that they are the insidious, invisible cause of much suffering and illness, both physical and emotional in nature.

Trapped emotions lower immune function and make the body more vulnerable to disease. They can distort body tissues, block the flow of energy and prevent the normal function of organs and glands.

Discovered by Dr. Bradley Nelson in 1998, this work has been researched and conducted on thousands of people all over the world. A book has been published explaining The Emotion Code in detail, which can be purchased on Amazon.

The release of trapped emotions is by no means a cure-all. The Emotion Code should not be used by itself in attempting to address any major disease or medical condition, but rather, it should be looked upon as an additional therapy. When trapped emotions are contributing to physical illness, removing them can only help.

The Emotion Code is precise. Sometimes the release of a trapped emotion will bring about an instantaneous and dramatic effect; but most of the time, the effects are more subtle. Either way, their release will often bring a greater sense of contentment and peace.

The Emotion Code can bring new joy and freedom to your life. It will give you a greater feeling of serenity because you will be freeing yourself from old emotional baggage. The results can bring balance, a new inner calm, and profound healing, even if nothing else has helped before.

I offer 50% off your first session and should you wish to move forward with it after there are also discounted packages available.