Hey! I’m Melody!

Mama of 2, Wife, follower of Christ & lover of all things FOOD😍

I’m so Excited you’re here! A little about my story is that I was working at Wal Mart as a grocery pickup shopper and in college to become a dental hygienist, I was working on the weekends when my husband could be home with our boys, just to help bring in an extra income to help take off stress! The night that I decided something in our life had to change, because I was so done living paycheck to paycheck, I laid there sobbing & anxiety ridden about how we were even going to buy new coats for our boys. Winter was around the corner. I saw a friend of mine making an income from her phone, and I couldn’t watch from the sidelines any more.

I jumped in so scared but so ready for a new adventure! How exciting right?! The idea that I could support my family from social media with the rectangle I held in my hand everyday kind of baffled me! I was so determined to replace my job though & income x however much I was able to make! I started for an extra $500 a month.

Since then I have replaced my weekend job, we paid off a credit card and gas, groceries & extras aren’t a stress for us anymore! As for my dental hygiene career, I kinda ditched that because I truly found a purpose here! I’ve gone on so many fun trips since this life change & am about to earn one to Punta Cana DR! The friendships & support however has been one of my most treasured outcomes. My self worth & confidence has grown leaps & bounds. I wasn’t just meant for an ordinary life & neither are YOU!