About me

Silly & serious + for all people everywhere

Hey, justice lover and equality seeker! And makeup and/or fashion fan!

I believe we’re our best selves when we’re living fully into who we are, embracing our unique passions & skills, sharing them with each other, and are surrounded by people who are cheering 👏🏼 us 👏🏼 on 👏🏼! Our Facebook community is made especially for that!

I also believe we’re better together, especially when we’re reading good books/watching good documentaries, asking hard questions, having solutions-focused conversations, figuring out what it means to practice radical generosity, and living into new ways of being in the world together - especially related to our consumer habits - that are better for ourselves, people across the supply chain, and planet.

This is your invitation to come sit with us! Write comments, ask questions, share resources! Lets shop in a new way together where we can be confident our money is being used for our good and the good of people involved in all parts of the process of the things we consume. While I am an Independent + Founding Fellow with Sseko Designs & a Beautycounter Consultant because I believe strongly in their missions, business models & impacts, we’ll talk much bigger, deeper + wider than these two companies. That being said, I won’t let you miss out on any Sseko & Beautycounter news. 😘

Drop me a DM to tell me what got you started on your journey of wanting people & planet to thrive!

For me it was:
- Following #slowfashion here on Instagram and digging deep
- Watching The True Cost
- Watching Poverty, Inc. (free on Amazon Prime)

I’m excited to learn & grow in community with you! And I’m pumped about a space for our mutual & collective growth + thriving! Taking steps toward a more just global sister & brotherhood gets my heart beating fast every day! What makes your heart beat the fastest? I can’t wait to get to know YOU!

Let’s see what difference we can make together in our thinking, spending and collective impact this year!

- Mel, your ethical fashion, clean beauty, and FOR YOU friend

My BOSS Statement

I am Mel.

I am bold and courageous for the collective.

I can break down barriers and accomplish the things I set my mind, heart, passions and skills to in collaborative community with other bad a$$ bosses.

I will continue to read good books, ask hard questions, listen to others’ voices, stay curious, reject binaries, and be a lifelong learner that puts people and planet first.

My passions for justice & everyone belonging and having their basic needs met & strengths in dreaming, planning, and executing in partnership with others equip me to pursue my part and purpose.

When challenges arise I dig deep, center myself on all I believe to be true & embrace an abundance mentality knowing this is nothing more than a step on the stairway to the greatest version of myself and our shared existence.

I am NOT timid.

I do NOT accept the unacceptable or give in easily.

Rather I am full of endless creativity and will persevere in being part of creating a more just world for all, leaning into our mutual belovedness, interconnectedness & strengths.

I am grounded and solutions-focused.

I am tenacious and believe in a better world & the best in people.

I am BOSS among bosses.

What’s your BOSS statement? ❤️