Hi, it’s Peanut!

My favorite products

Hi there! Below are some of my absolute favorite products that I often get questions about. If you want to know about other things you’ve seen me use, please send me a DM!

Necoichi Extra-Wide Bowl

This is my absolute favorite bowl made from porcelain. It’s wide so it doesn’t cause whisker fatigue, and it’s raised to reduce back strain. Super cute, I actually have 2 of these!

INABA Churu Lickable Treats

My all-time favorite treat 🤤💕 Nothing else even comes close. My hoomans will sometimes add this to saucers of water to encourage me to drink more water.

Petoday Wifi-Enabled Automatic Feeder

This is what I use at 5am in the morning when my hoomans don’t want to get up

Cat wand feather refills

Anybody else always have to constantly replace their feathers after you destroy them? 😼 This is my go to for refills.

Cat Backpack

I love going on adventures in this cute backpack

Stainless Steel Water Fountain

The dishwasher-safe water fountain I use to stay hydrated

Aumuca Cat Brush

Sleek modern brush that is great for de-tangling and de-shedding fur.

Use code 5CGWE63E for 20% off

HomeStorm Tri-Color Cat Bed

Instagram worthy design that’s super comfortable for me to sleep and chill in. The cushion is also reversible — linen for the hot summer days and fleece for cold winters.

Multi-colored ping pong balls

The bounce on these colorful ping pong balls make them super fun to chase around the house. If I swat at it lightly with my paw, it’ll go a long way!

Feline Facial Therapy

This is what I used to get rid of my chin acne (small black specs on my chin)