Our top 5 fertility Boosting Tips for 2023

New year, new addition to the family?

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Casey Dorman

Meraki Chinese Medicine Doctor + Acupuncturist

Hey Sis, I’m Casey 👋🏻

I’m the founder and owner of Meraki Holistic Health - and I love it! It’s always a dream of mine to have a space for people to heal in all different ways.

When I’m not in the healing space I’m out finding dogs I can pat (because I don’t have one just yet!), cooking up a storm or hanging out with friends on a hike.

I have a specialise interest in helping women with their health throughout all stages of life especially when it comes to fertility, menstrual cycles and skin conditions ( I do love to pamper 💆🏼)

Feel free to reach out and ask any questions, I’m here for you 💕

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Lisa Schaeffer

Meraki Chinese Herbalist + Acupuncturist

Hey There, I’m Lisa 👋🏻

I’m a lover for all things markets, hike trails and rock climbing. But you can also find me at Meraki helping people through Chinese Medicine.

I have a passion for helping women in their younger years navigate through their menstrual cycle, optimise their hormonal health, mental health, pain management and skin conditions 💕

I’m on a mission to share my knowledge and empower the next generation of lady-bosses to flourish!

You can book in with me here 👉🏼

Rebekah Loh

Meraki Chinese Herbalist + Acupuncturist

Hey There, I’m Rebekah 👋🏻

I love climbing up mountains on weekends, eating delicious foods and forcing pats on my pet cat 😂

And I’m also a Chinese medicine doctor and acupuncturist here at Meraki 😊

I love putting on my detective hat to get the root of your concern and solve it! My expertise lies within pain management, women’s health, fertility and IVF support.

Pssstttt I’ve also completed an advanced fertility support diploma to also further support frequent miscarriages and reproductive immunology (so more complex cases!)

I look forward to helping you 💕

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Kaitlyn Trollope

Reiki Healer + Spinal Energetics Therapist

Kaitlyn is an energy healer specialising in Reiki, womb healing, spinal energetics and intuitive card readings. Her intentions are grounded in connection, abundance for all, and intuition, and she weaves her sessions with compassion, holding space for her clients to heal.

A session with Kaitlyn is intuitively guided and will be tailored to what you need on the day. Treatments might include essential oils, crystals, an oracle card reading, sound healing, meditation, affirmations or light massage. Her sessions are a magical experience that offer you the opportunity to cleanse the tensions of day-to-day life and return home to your body.

A beautiful bunch of blooms, singing loudly in her kitchen and a good acai bowl are just some of things that spark joy for Kaitlyn.

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Tarren Hehir

Massage Therapist

Tarren is a remedial and lymphatic massage therapist that specialises in aches and pains, pregnancy health and lymphatic drainage. Tarren is intentional with how she treats and knows the value in creating a space to feel safe to wind down the nervous system for the body to heal.

After building a massage practice of her own for a number of years, Tarren felt drawn to support others with her intuitive and heart felt nature. She aims to help her clients wind down to deepen the mind body connection whilst she works her magic on you

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Freya Campbell - Baker

Holistic Massage Therapist

Freya is compassionate holistic massage therapist with a genuine passion for nurturing both body and soul. With a knack for creating a tranquil vibe, Freya’s hands possess an innate ability to channel relaxation, making her renowned for her indulgent relaxation massages.

What truly sets her apart, however, is her special focus on guiding individuals through life’s challenging moments. Drawing from her expertise, Freya’s soothing touch becomes a powerful tool in helping people navigate stress and uncertainty, providing a haven of relief and rejuvenation.

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