Magic happens in the unknown, be kind & amazing things will follow✨

In April, I decided to partner with a company that has transformed my hair. My decision was based on my personal results and the fact that I can create a new stream of income right from my phone! Little did I know this company would actually transform my life as well.

In the midst of the pandemic I decided I was temporarily not going to risk my health and continue practicing my career in healthcare, everything felt so unknown at the time. I figured I’d stay home for a while until this virus was cleared up (here we are sooo many months later lol, glad I took action). In a few short months I have been able to accomplish many goals. For me the most astonishing goal that I have met has been being able to save enough money to sustain my living expenses for the entirety of my upcoming internship placements (6 months) in a fraction of the expected time. To be honest I started this business thinking I might be able to cover a few bills here and there; however I quickly learned that I was setting my expectations way too low and I realized just how big this opportunity truly is!

Two weeks after initiating this business I achieved the first leadership rank in the company. Six weeks in, I had qualified for my first fully paid trip to the DR and in seven weeks I was already MM & half way through the compensation plan! In 4 short months I was fully qualified for my Cadillac paid for by the company, which is amazing!

All of these accomplishments have been personal but the ones that inspire me to keep pushing are the accomplishments that have been met by my team. I began this journey for my own benefit, and to my surprise it has now turned into so much more! I’m now changing other peoples lives along with my own; inspiring others to look beyond the comfort of a 9-5 and to strive for freedom. The best is yet to come.