About Me

Just a Little Woman living in the Big D

Hi y’all! I’m Meredith Little!

Originally from Louisiana, I grew up making funny content for my friends and family to enjoy. In 7th grade I joined a community theatre group and went on to pursue my Drama degree at The University of Oklahoma once I got older. After college, I moved to Dallas, Texas. I now work for an out of home advertiser called OUTFRONT media! While I’m not focusing on sales, I’m auditioning with the help of my fantastic agents over at Kim Dawson.

This is my little story.

Photo credit: Amanda Bayacal

About My Lyme

“I will sing until the miracle comes.”

Back in January 2019, I found out I had Lyme Disease. After struggling for 6 years with chronic migraines, misdiagnosed chronic pancreatitis, and chronic UTI’s I finally had an answer for all my struggles.

Back in 2013, I was working on a film out in the hot Louisiana heat. I was a stand-in (basically a part of the crew) and there were no fancy trailers or shady tents for me to seek shade. If I wanted to stay cool, I had to stand in the woods...

After a month of working on this film, the migraines started to set in. My first week of my senior year of college proved tougher than most. I was going to class with a migraine, coming home to get sick and going back. My parents and I worked hard to seek treatment. I tried everything: birth control, beta blockers, histamine treatment, anticonvulsants, even Botox. Nothing seemed to help the 15 migraines I was having each month.

After many failed attempts (some of which put me in depression) I sought out holistic health solutions. Here is where I have found the most success. My holistic doctor is the one who suggested I take a look into Lyme and I’m so glad I did.

I am currently seeking out treatment from a Lyme Specialist. While every day had been a struggle in one way or another, I’ve seen so much progress in my health. I’m so grateful for the love and support my friends, family and followers have shown me. I wouldn’t be this successful without this killer army behind me!

I look forward to sharing my health journey with you all.

Photo credit: Amanda Bayacal