Merry Christmas, Love.

A smol something for you my bubba ♥️

Merry Christmas to my person ♥️ This is just one of the days that makes me so grateful for everything I have and love, including you. Kae, you are my biggest blessing. You bring so much hope and happiness to me love. I thank Him everyday for giving me you. Life isn’t what I expected it to be — no sadness, problems, and worry. I was always so negative about life cos I was blinded by darkness. But when you came, you became my light. I know that what we have is true and pure, and i’ll always be grateful for us. Not just today, but everyday ♥️

Where it all started

This is when I realized that I really had a little crush on you hehe did u know that I stared sa pic na to for DAYSSSS HAHAHHAA ayun, this is when you became irresistable to me and everytime I see this photo bumabalik lahat ♥️


I love seeing your baby pics :( It makes me remember our Raph and Iza so much. Kasi i know na they will be makulit like you... but also kind, giving, genuine, true and totful like u ♥️

First gala

Remember? First alis natin to going to robmag! Hehe super happy ako nyan kasi kahit saglit nafeel ko na ang free ko with you.


Uy may pogi! Hehe :) first nood natin ng event together!! Super memorable nito for me cos excited ako the night before palang hehe fresh gupit pa ikaw dyan! Wala na ako masabi nung time na yan napatitig nalang ako. Grabe, ito ba talaga ang makakasama ko forever? Swerte ko naman 🥺

Surprise !

Surprise ! Hehe I was sad that time cos miss kita then nakainom pa ikaw nyan ! But nung paiyak nako may nag doorbell, and ikaw yun. You can’t imagine how happy my heart was when I opened the door bubba :( You really save me everytime.

First photobooth ♥️

I remember how we sang and danced like crazy!!! I had so much fun that night, thank you so much bubba.

My kasama in everything ♥️

Naalala mo to? You went to KF para isupport ako cos I was kinda doubting myself for the 994993828 time hahahaha! Thank you for always being by my side thru ups and downs. Pag kinakabahan ako, talikod lang ako and alam ko andyan ka for me♥️

First pageant ♥️

The whole night was super memorable bubba but this is my fave photo sa pageant mismo ♥️ I love you baby, and I’ll always be by your side. Thru ups and downs, please know that i’m with you ♥️

Our first pic with tita!

This is our first time ni tita na magkapic hehe di man ako nanalo that time, super happy naman ako kasi nakasama ko kayo. ♥️

My all time fave ♥️

Hindi man tayo kasama sa pic na to, pero ito parin yung pinaka memorable sakin. This is the night where I really felt our love. This is the night where I felt safe and free. Kahit na hinabol tayo hehe, sobrang fave night ko to. I always admired the sky gabi man o umaga, and it was fun to do sight-seeing with you Love ♥️

These are just a few photos bubba, I know that there will be more in the future ♥️ Again, Merry Christmas to my one and only ♥️ This is the season for sharing, but I’d like to thank you cos you don’t only share your love, time and effort to me this season, you share it with me every single day ♥️ Thank you for being such a kind daughter, sister, friend, and hubby. Thank you for everything papa ko, marreach din natin lahat ng dreams natin someday. I wouldn’t survive every attack without you. Always remember that you are safe with me bubba. And don’t forget that you are my home. If anything happens, good or bad, sayo lang ako tatakbo. Mahal na mahal kita, Kae.