My name is Meshy mimi. I am a mum of 4 beautiful girls and I am a digital entrepreneur

I found this opportunity online when I was looking to change my health and wellbeing.

I was stressed, gained so much weight, had sleepless nights and skin breakouts and had financial problems. I can now say since finding this opportunity, I have been able to change my health around and live that dream lifestyle I have ever wanted ..
Before I found this opportunity, I had financial difficulties, and spend very little time with the family as I had to work extra hard to make ends meet.

I was not able to attend parents evening nor have time with my girls. But after I joined this amazing business opportunity I can proudly say my life is changing for the better. The good thing about my business is it gives you an opportunity to chase your dreams and do other activities around it. At the moment I work as an Environmental health practioner and still able to run my online business
I have been able to payoff my Car loan🙂
Loose some weight and be my own boss..
I now work from the comfort of my home, spend more time with my kids and earn multiple streams of income..

I am self motivated, Goal Driven, positive minded, Encouraging and also looking for the best in others .. I love to connect with like minded people to achieve our visions together.
Join my team to start earning bigger income with no stress..

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My Weight Loss Journey

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It is risk free and high rewarding Opportunity. Gives you the opportunity to work from the comfort of your home. Is this a pyramid scheme ? No. Our company's biz model is simple and straightforward. Everyone joins with the same fee, same entry points and one can potentially grow past own sponsors. – Is this a buying and selling business? No. As a matter of fact, you are not allowed to stock up, buy in bulk and resell. – Is there a monthly renewal of this franchise ? No. Only yearly renewal. – How much can I earn ? No limitations in your earnings It all depends on your effort.. - Is this a get rich quick scheme ? No. It requires dedication, consistency and effort.

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A strong and united community keeps the world going.
A positive mindset is very important to succeed in life.
My mission is to inspire and connect with people globally

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