Workshops Schedule and Descriptions

Read up on all the amazing science topics your child will get to explore at each workshop!

Check out the document linked below for workshop descriptions and scheduled times for each one.

We are offering a total of 24 different workshops to students, all of which explore a different topic of interest!

Payment for Workshops

For this year, MESO workshop payments will be made in person during open registration. Students/parents may purchase as many workshops as they wish! Listed below are some of the package options that we offer for workshops.

WORKSHOP PACKAGES (for students):
1. 1 Workshop ($10)
2. 2 Workshops ($20)
3. 3 Workshops ($30)
4. 4 Workshops ($40)
5. 5 Workshops ($50)
6. All 6 Workshops ($50)

All payments will be made the day of the event (May 21st) during open registration. Open registration will be AVAILABLE THE WHOLE DAY and additional payments can be made if students decide to participate in additional workshops.

Registration Form

Ready to choose your workshops? Fill out the form linked below!

Please use this form to register your student for MESO workshops. Fill out this form for EACH CHILD that will be participating.

Keep in mind that registration payment for workshops will be made the day of the event (May 21st) during open registration. More detailed information on the schedule and workshop package prices below.

If you have any questions, please contact