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Because a disability shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love

Hello my gorgeous friends....

My name is Crystal. I'm a 46 yr old momma of 5 beautiful girls, well I should say little women, lol. I have always had a passion for makeup and no I'm not a professional but always struggled with a lot of different products.... Until I found Seint. Now I am part of a wonderful community of women who believe all woman are beautiful creatures and don't need a lot of makeup to prove it!
The first time I used this makeup, I was impressed. I've always been the type to wear a light, natural look & this just made it so easy! No Layering on my oily skin. All in one place and it feels and looks like who I'm supposed to be without the mess. I felt it at the first try that I had to share this with however many will listen without the pressure! But because I love this makeup so much I want you to as well. So here's to the line of beauty & learning together! ✨️ oh & did I mention I'm visually impaired? Yup that's right but goes to show how easy this is ❤️

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