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A World Cup with nothing 'Right'

Issues with the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and how the football world's reaction is changing the Constitution of a nation.

Ciao PES, Welcome- to eFootball!

As the launch of eFootball appraoches and so begins a new era of mobile football gaming, we look at what we know so far!

From a Square Board to a Rectangular Pitch

Understanding how football being a pulsating, dynamic game shares much of the mystery and structural beauty of the world's greatest board game.

Lille and Inter Milan’s post-title financial burden and what it means for the future of Football.

The two clubs Lille and Inter Milan pulled out a miracle winning the league in France and Italy respectively. But they are also an example of a Covid related economic crisis, foretelling why football might be broken beyond repair for some clubs.

Tricolor at heart, marching into European Turf

We dive into Sandesh Jhingan's recent move to Croatian first team side HNK Sibenik, its impact, stats and preview on what is in store for him.

Cryptocurrency Fan Tokens: Dodging the “FFP” Bullet?

How does it put an Invisibility Cloak on Financial Fair Play(FFP) regulations?

The Perpetual Magicians- A dive into the timeless brilliance of active Footballing Greats

We've seen the world go all over for hot prospects who are yet to give their prime to this beautiful game. But it's high time we look at the veterans who never really seemed off their prime, even when aging over the years.

All You Need to Know About Home Grown Players Rule

Elite Home Grown players are a luxury now!!

Fan Representation In Club Football

In the wake of the devious European Super League, we are left with a very important question. How significant are we, fans, in the world of football?

UEFA Champions League vs The FIFA World Cup: A Fight for Supremacy

We analyze the UCL against the World Cup, on one hand lies the classiest and highest prize in all of club football, while the pinnacle of football itself lies in the other.

Technological Spoil‘sport’ — A Note of Caution

Repercussions of reducing sports to scientific explanations in the screen-and-scream era, we live in.

The Ball With Wiiings

A brief insight into what a sweet drink
company has and might go on to achieve in football. At the moment, it looks scary!

The proud lineage of Johan Cruyff's radical ideology that redefined football

The rich history that contributed to the radical revolution of football.