Greetings from the desk of your personal beauty au pair!!!

Been making it a personal mission to make the 🌎 a better place since 1984!

Hey yall hey!! It's very nice to meet you, my name is Marquitta (Mar Key Tah), I know you heard it a different way in your head and that's perfectly fine 😆 I have heard it ALL honey I assure you!

Welcome to my world! I am a notoriously private person and prefer background moves, military upbringing, however I have dared to be different and sashay into the realm of all things beauty business for one reason: the opportunity to HELP PEOPLE. Since I was a little girl, I have been all about the pursuit, understanding, and growth of people into their better selves. I get SO much joy from seeing people explore and attain their potential, and this is no different.

We will work and walk together on this journey to see what YOU need for your path to be a little more to your liking. And if I don't know, rest assure I have a tribe behind me to rock out with us both! I will also be sharing my journey with you as well--I told you that you will NOT be alone on this exploratory road to transformation!

Whether it's hair, skin, wellness--or all three that you need options for, I will be your personal godmother to all things vegan, plant based and sulfate free for your follicle and skin greatness!

Thank you so much for taking the time out your day to visit! I look forward to our walk!

All the Best,
Marquitta D. Gosha
Your New Personal Beauty Au Pair