hi! hello! hey it’s mia!

hey this is my little space where I tell the world all ab who I am- and what I believe in, what I love, and just in general- me doing things! ^^^

so... here you are. Not sure how you got here...but I’ve wanted to make this for a while! I have so many passions including but not limited to- cinematography & movies, music, literature, sustainability, living an eco-friendly lifestyle, Jesus!, politics, art, history, travel, and making the world just a better place in general! just a little bit about me tho!
I’m 15, a Texas native ( yee haw! ), a christian, and someone who just wants to change the world! I hope you can join me in this little journey of discovering more about myself and life! :)

heyo just sunsets!!!

not really a post ab my passions but it’s about my favorite person in the world- JESUS and his creation

paint strokes across the sky! a mix of cotton candy, blazing fire, & endless summers. looking up at the sky- when it sets, is one of my favorite things. Texas sunsets are especially beautiful- but California and Peru sunsets come close behind! I love sunsets not only because they make me feel like I’m living out a LANY song, but because they truly showcase God’s creativity! so yah- go sunsets!!!

cotton candy skies

the kroger parking lot sunset lol this one was beautiful!

california hotel sunset

that sunset where I quickly snatched a pic right by the hotel pool in San Diego

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