Hello! I’m Miatta! Glad you’re here!

I’m an educator, entrepreneur, and enneagram 7. I’m not much of a planner. Rather, I kind of fly by the seat of my pants. I’m a Gemini so I start things and move to something else when they get boring. I like long leisurely meals with friends or my honey. I‘ll share faves and things I’m loving.

Essential Oils

Five years ago I had just started ridding my home of chemical-filled products...or so I thought. Greenwashing is real, y’all! Google that ish!

My oldest daughter was 10 and I was wanting to get her a deodorant that didn’t contain aluminum (google that ish, too!). I stumbled in late to an essential oils class at my job. The woman teaching it was telling us all about the oils she was able to use and products she made with them, even though she was usually allergic to most products. I asked her if I could make a deodorant for my daughter. She said yes! I did some research and quickly realized that Young Living was the world leader in essential oils. And I only wanted the best for my family! So, I grabbed a kit and have been using and sharing these oils ever since! I believe that every body can benefit from them.

I’d love to help empower you and get you started on your journey with essential oils!

Enjoy delicious scents in your home without all the toxic ingredients

Soda-Inspired Diffuser Blends