Little Bit About Myself

Read about me😇

Hi, I'm Michaela🤍

I’m currently 21 years old attending St. Joseph’s College majoring in speech pathology. I work full time in a hair salon & at an animal shelter! 💇🏼‍♀️🐾

I am someone who loves to keep busy but enjoy life while doing it. I realized with school and working full time I did not have much of a social life. I am someone who's drive comes from the passion behind work, but also loves spending time with my family & friends. I love to just go with the flow.

I decided to take up working for Monat after I started using these amazing products. I loved them so much so i thought why not sell them to have you all fall in love with them as well!🥰

Being presented with this business opportunity being able to work from my phone, anywhere I want, make an income, meet new friends, travel for free, all while helping others sounded way too good and I knew I couldn't pass this opportunity yet.

This business has made my college experience and working experience so much better. I always struggled with school, money, work & just life in general. With this business I feel more free and able to do so much more than I use too. It has taught me how to balance and invest in myself.

Cheers to me, and never looking back🥂🤩

Hair, Skin, & Wellness

My Personal Faves

Rejuvenique Oil

A lightweight oil consisting of a mixture of botanical oils for 101+ uses. Healing hair & skin from the inside out due to the small molecular structure other oils don’t have. Promotes amazing hair growth!


Targets and heals splits end in 30-60 seconds! Decreases frizz, breakage, friction and increases shine and hair color.

C. Radiance Illuminating Serum

Ideal for all skin types! Helps to improve skin, texture, softness, & Smoothness. Skin immediately looks refreshed, brightened, & has a more radiant glow!

Berry Refined Scrub

Targets dullness, uneven skin tone & texture, & large pores! Removes dead skin sells, prevents wrinkles, improves skin absorption, rids skin of acne causing bacteria, stops pores from growing & increases blood flow & circulation

Total Energy

Convenient sticks that taste like Berry Blast for on-the-go long last energy! They provide lasting energy without giving you any jitters or crash!

Lash & Brow Serum

High-performance serum that helps increase the strength, condition & growth of both the brows & lashes leaving them healthier & rich with shine!