About me

You are always one decision away from a different life.

Hey guys! My name is Michaela Thompson. I am a 22 year old student majoring in biology at Alice Lloyd College in Kentucky. However, I was born and raised in Michigan. I love staying busy and I am always looking to do something new. I haven’t been with this company long but it is so amazing already, and has opened so many doors in my life.

The products are amazing and are the best products I’ve ever used on my hair! I can’t believe the difference it made after just one wash. This company isn’t just for hair though we also have skin and all around body health products.

If you are feeling stuck just wishing for a great opportunity to change your life well here it is! You can become a market partner like me and share you great experiences with other people.

Join me on my journey and possibly the start of your own!

Different opportunities

See how you can change your hair!

You ready to make the leap? Let’s do this thing! Which path will you choose?

Retail customer

Are you not completely in love with your hair and skin. Are you wanting to change the way your hair and skin looks? Check out all the products we have available. While this is a great option I have a better offer. Check out all the VIP perks below.

VIP member

Whoop whoop! Let’s see what becoming a VIP will get us!
• 15% off all products
• free shipping
• bonus products
• amazing referral program
• access to flash sales
• birthday club

What it takes to become a VIP
• a one time enrollment fee of $19.99
• required to complete 3 flexships
• flexships = flexible shipments, you pick what you want and when it get shipped.

How to do it.
• Click link and press join now.
• Select become VIP
• continue with purchase

Become a market partner

Yay! You are so close to making that change happen! This way you can make your business as big or small as you want! You will be your own boss! Let’s see what perks we get as a market partner.

• 30% discount on products
• no buying commitments
• selling is not required
• free shipping on flexships
• free only for you products
• $19.99 annual renewal fee
• great training that is completely free

All you have to do is click the link, press join now, and choose any package you want. After all you can’t really promote the products without having them. (Make sure you don’t choose the $99 dollar one, that will not qualify you)