Why you think you can't do it ?

A letter to my friends

Did you know that one of the largest known stars so far is so large that its diameter is 2100 times the Sun? D-u-e-m-i-l-a-c-e-n-t-o times the diameter of the Sun.
It is no coincidence that the universe is so mammoth and exaggeratedly exaggerated in its beauty and grandeur. And it's fantastic if we think that it could very well be a billionth part of what it is, and it would be equally infinite and too vast for us. I am convinced that it is made on purpose to remind us every day of an uncomfortable truth, like a little voice that whispers in our ears: "rest assured, you are not a shit." And he would add: "You are as important as a single grain of sand thrown to the universe. Whether you own eight companies or deliver pizzas to your home, you will die anyway, and everything will go on the same, with or without you. You will get old, only then you will become wise, perhaps, and then you will die. For the rest, serve only as fertilizer to fatten the daisies. " As painful as this statement may be for some (I would write it on Starbucks glasses as Mark Manson would do), it contains a deeper message that will reassure and give the right charge even to the most sensitive, and in my opinion the message is like this :
"You decide not to throw your life and that short period of time into the toilet. Make it special. Use this time to do your best so that you do not put any strain on your heart and conscience, nor even remorse. Don't be afraid to live. Be yourself. Make yourself vulnerable and do not hide and your imperfections. Do not wear masks. Do not worry about who might judge you, in reality no one judges you and everyone thinks about himself .. you will understand him. Anxiety will help you in life as chewing an eraser helps solve a mathematical equation.Do not waste your time living someone else's life, or the life that someone else has thought well for you, whether they are parents, grandparents or friends. Maybe you would like to aim for 100, but they, driven by incorrect values ​​or different from yours, and driven by the fear of economic insecurity, could indicate the seemingly safer way. he will not even bring you to be happy, but what is sure is that twenty years later you will find yourself sitting in your office on a normal afternoon and you will start to feel chills, and you will feel the world fall on you when you are realizing that your best years have now evaporated, hour after hour, day after day without you realizing it, regretting not having fully lived, of not believing in yourself, of having given up immediately, of having allowed others to decide your life, and wondering in amazement and with as much bitterness as you could let someone else define your value, because you accepted those limitations and because in your life you played a part that was chosen for you by someone else.
Only then will you move your gaze out to the window and notice that there is a whole universe around you ... and that yes, life is unfair, but it would have been on your side if you hadn't stopped believing first. "

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