Stronger Together

HEEYYYY girlfriend! I'm Michele -- just a girl with a burning PASSION for fitness, health, leadership, sports, sangria and iced coffee πŸ˜‰! I love EMPOWERING and teaching other women how fun it can be to live healthy and fulfilling lives while still enjoying sweets (MY FAV) and feeling confident in their own bodies.

I run virtual online groups for busy women wanting to be able to make time to workout from anywhere (at any level), learn to love themselves more, and have a girl gang community to support you along the way!

I am an athletic trainer, personal trainer, former cheerleader (+ COACH) and ALWAYS struggled with body image disorder and the comparison game growing up. I found myself in a unhealthy workout and emotional eating cycle. These programs helped me learn to LOVE me more and focus on the healthy lifestyle I always wanted. πŸ™Œ

Ready to start your journey too? I'm here for you gf!! πŸ₯‚

She is Strong Tribe

What even is a Coach? Can you do it too?? --- OF COURSE YOU CAN GIRL!!

Help women get started on their fitness journey while working on yours, build your own buisness, create THE BEST positive and uplifting friendships, earn trips/travel in and out of the country, build - based on how hard you work - an income with no ceilings, find your PASSION in helping others live their best life!

Our team is full of women of all types- from counselors, to accountants, to SAHMs, to nurses, and so much more! No experience is needed. Just the drive to become your best self and help others! I teach you everything!!I have been a coach for over 3 years and have LOVED every ounce of what this community has given meπŸ’•

- sisterhood of positive like minded women now some of my best friends
- 1:1 mentorships and trainings
- accountability to SHOW UP in my health for myself and others, self love, and confidence
- an amazing mindset a way to think about how I can make the best of my life
- fufillment seeing my girls crush their goals, change their lives, spread their passion, and do this with me!!

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