Hello! I’m Michelle.

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Hello, Ladies! I’m so glad you’re here!
Feel free to direct message me “healthy” if you are looking for info on feeling better from the inside out. Direct message “healthy with income” if you’re looking for info on how to earn an income while getting healthier.

A little about me: I am a 52-year-old almost empty-nester. Coming up on 30 years in my career in closed captioning, and my son starting college, I decided it was time to really work on myself and start feeling and looking better and being a little more comfortable in my own skin.
At the same time, with the cost of college, needing a new car, and really wanting to remodel my home, I needed to find another stream of income that would fit into my daily schedule. In all reality, life is expensive!

I’m just getting started, and already these products, this business, and this team of amazing ladies have made such a positive impact on my life. I feel so much better. I look better. I have much more confidence. Being a part of a tribe of strong, ambitious, like-minded women is inspiring. I can honestly say I would not change the decision I made to better my health, better my financial health, and do it alongside successful amazing ladies.
Xoxo, M

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