Hey there! I’m Michelle!

I’m a Mom who found freedom in the most unexpected place... here is where I get to share it !

I am a lover of nature and all the goodness it gives us, I share my health journey in hopes there might be something in my story that may help you on your journey.
My husband and I have six children and a Grand baby and they are our life, we have made our home in Gilbert, Arizona but my first 41 years were spent in the California sun. Growing up in a small farming community is where my passions for plants and the care of our earth and the food we feed our families really pushed me into sustainable living and learning all I could about what I fed my family.
In 2019 I joined the Young Living family and quickly realized they are the only company for me! Their farming practices is what sets them apart to be a leader in the oil industry and why I love them so. After using the product for three months and learning about the company and the income opportunity I decided to start my own business. It is such a joy for me to share this amazing company with people, listen to what concerns they have and then watch our product help make their life better and then see them also have income needs be met.
I want to hear from you and what your real concerns are in life.
Most of us have stress in our life, trouble sleeping, digestive issues... these are all areas in life that Young Living can aid in.
You may also be looking for natural ways to remove toxins in your home, we are a full wellness plant based company and have products for every area of your life.
So if you have found health and wellness through YL or you are ready to start please reach out to me!
I also want to share with you the blessing that YL is in way of their income opportunity.
What would an extra $1000. A month allow you to do?
What would you do with and extra $3000.?
For many, this is the type of freedom that allows your kids to take piano lessons or do club sports, for others it’s the freedom of travel or projects around the house, it could even be your house payment.
Young Living is for everyone and it’s so easy to get started!

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