Ready to get paid EVERY Sunday while you enjoy doing what you love?

Ready to make your money work harder and smarter for you....all on autopilot?

I'm a mother and grandmother.
I love the outdoors, walking, playing lawn bowls and travelling.

To enjoy the things I love to do I need my money to be working for me.

Let's face it, bank interest of 0.05% just doesn't cut it.

What if you could tap into the trillion dollar Forex market without knowing anything about trading?

That's what I'm doing.
I know nothing about trading so I'm leveraging a platform where Pro Traders do the work for me 5 days a week and I'm currently receiving returns of 5-6% EVERY Sunday....all on autopilot.

You can even learn Forex trading through the Academy.

I started in November 2020 and have already more than doubled my money!

You can start with as little as $300USD and see returns within 72 hours.

No subscription fees, recruiting or autoship.

I get paid every Sunday regardless if I share it or not.
How cool is that?
Get paid for doing nothing!

Of course you can build it and earn money faster

This 11 minute video explains CashFX

In this video our team member Phili explains how you can turn a $300USD investment into $100K in around 4 years

Get started AUSTRALIA - Coinspot Wallet

Here is a step by step guide which is covered in the video.


1. Set up a GMail email account if you don't already have one

2. Download Google Authenticator app for 2 factor authentication

3. Set up your Coinspot account using the Referral link which you'll find in the description below the video or on the next page ➡️

This is your digital wallet where you buy your Bitcoin with AUD

*You'll need to verify your account with ID

4. Click on Poli to deposit funds it's faster than BPay which can take 3 days

5. Go to WALLETS to purchase BTC (Bitcoin).
Ensure you purchase enough to cover the pack you want.
Packs are in USD so convert the USD amount of the pack to AUD plus a little extra for fees and any possible changes in the exchange rate while you are purchasing.
Always add an extra $50 to cover fees, which will be more than enough

6. Click on the next photo to open your own CFX account and purchase your first pack

Get started AUSTRALIA

Create my CashFX account and Purchase my first pack

Please ensure you have completed steps 1 - 5 above as covered in Get started AUSTRALIA video.

Now you will go ahead and set up your CashFX account and purchase your pack.

You'll find the referral link in the description below the video or on the next page ➡️

If you live in another country please contact me.

Create my CFX account and Purchase my pack

How to create a legacy for your family - 3 pack strategy

In this video Char explains how to use your money wisely to set up multiple packs and create a legacy for your family.

After all, why have only one pack when you can have three ALL working towards $100K each!

Family pack strategy

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