Michelle Mackenzie —


I’m a mom of 2 little boys who got my body back and took a massive pivot away from my corporate career as a patent attorney into the world of marketing and coaching!

And I love it!!!

I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur who will help you take control of your health, wealth and your relationship with yourself!!

I’m also a domestic abuse awareness advocate after growing up in a violent home and it is my mission to help women recover from financial abuse. Check out my free guide for how to make money in the gig economy 👉🏻

As a mom that didn’t come from a healthy family it was important to me that I break the cycle of generational trauma and that a healthy family comes from me. So check out my family friendly easy meal plans that make meal time fun easy and healthy! 👉🏻👉🏻

You can also learn a bit more about my weightloss journey and h to e simple strategies I used to lose 45lbs!!

Feel free to message me if you want to know more about the stuff I share here!!

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My Weightloss Journey —

I’ve spent a long time hating my body….

My whole adult life I’ve been overweight. I remember trying on wedding dresses and crying because nothing fit. It was humiliating and not at all this magical experience I had been looking forward to. I’ve spent a long time feeling unloveable and in some ways it was an unconscious self-preservation mechanism because “overweight is overlooked”!

Since I’ve been on this journey to healing my emotional and physical self, I’ve really enjoyed spending time living in a body that I didn’t hate. I wish that for everyone!!

I don’t think it is positive or healthy to “hate yourself skinny”. We know people who do it with eating disorders or punishing gym routines but is it ‘healthy’ or sustainable? I don’t think so and also it is bloody miserable. No thanks!!

I think my struggles with my weight mean I’m an ideal person to help you on your journey because I get it! Hands up who’s lost weight only to still not be happy and subconsciously sabotage yourself to put it all back? I know I have in the past and I know how to beat that yo-yo pattern for good!

I can help you because I’ve been you. I have things that help with body composition, weightloss and gut health without being miserable in the process and the added bonus is getting in the right mind space to make success inevitable!

You deserve to be happy and to love yourself fully! If you’ve struggled with that, then message me because I can help.

Make Money in the Gig Economy  —

You have options!!

I put this guide together to help people recovering from financial abuse. But it seems there are a lot of other people also looking for options.

Click the link below to get my FREE guide to making money in the gig economy, and get back with me if you want to know more about what I am doing.

This guide is ever growing and I will keep adding options as I learn about them.

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