Helping emotionally overweight women reclaim their body and feel good in their skin —

Healing from past trauma for self acceptance, self love and release excess weight once and for all


This is something I learned a while ago and I have not talked about it nearly enough. In fact, hardly anyone talks about it and there is little research in this area (but it has started). We need to talk about this more.

I’m talking about it now because I saw someone on social media say that THIS is why she didn’t lose weight and she was ripped apart. Told she was just lazy and finding ‘lame excuses’. Seeing that made me sick to my stomach. I knew EXACTLY what she was saying.

I’m referring to trauma, repressed and unprocessed emotions and their connection with health and weight. And if you think there is no connection, you might reconsider after reading this.

In 1985 Dr. Vincent Felitti, a physician in San Diego, was stumped when 55% of the 1,500 people who were enrolled in his weight-loss clinic every year left before completing the program, especially after he found out that the majority of those people were in fact losing weight. So he began to interview those who had dropped out of the program and discovered that many of them had suffered traumatic events in their lifetime.

“Another piece of the puzzle dropped into place during an interview with another clinic dropout, a woman who had been raped when she was 23. In the year after the attack, she gained 105 pounds. ‘As she was thanking me for asking the question,’ says Felitti, ‘she looks down at the carpet, and mutters, ‘Overweight is overlooked, and that’s the way I need to be.'‘ Felitti began to realize that obese people didn’t see their fat as a problem. For many, it was a solution.”

Putting on weight is a physical protection from being seen, an insulation from difficult emotions, a way to deflect people’s attention, attraction, and love. It’s a way to avoid being vulnerable in a world that makes it terrifying to be vulnerable - especially if you’ve already been hurt (physically or emotionally). For most people this happens at a subconscious level.

There is much more to this than I have summarized here but it is evermore apparent to me that healing, self-acceptance and eventually self-love are necessary to live a happy and healthy life.

You may think promoting help with weightloss is just part of society being fat-phobic, but for me it feels like my mission to help people struggling with this. Those healing from a traumatic childhood have surely suffered enough. They deserve to finally reclaim their bodies and feel good in them!

If you resonate with any of this, just know I see you, my heart is with you and you deserve to feel good no matter how long it takes!

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