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the art of letting go

“There is a feeling in the pit of my stomach I have grown really familiar with in this time, most especially in the last month. An emptiness, a longing…a gut feeling that hits me every once in a while that is like…worry, mixed with sadness and pride and an understanding of sorts: This hurts but I still have to to it...”

ten things I’ve learned in one year of influencer marketing

“There was something really unexplained compelling me to do it, because selling shampoo didn’t feel in that moment like it did much justice to the pull on my heart. I had something to say, you guys, but I must have realized the things inside me were going to run out quickly if I didn’t keep feeding myself reasons to evolve...”

prison of self importance: how I got out

“As I have looked around for answers, I’ve noticed one huge amazing detail missing from the whole thing: my self-importance is nowhere to be found.

My old friend isn’t right here next to me anymore, looking for all the reasons I am “less” because of the number of people who did or didn’t want what I was giving. I have escaped her. I have found myself in these woods evading the flashlight and it just dawned on me that I am out. I am free of my self-importance...”

how to stay married forever

“In the valleys of that love story is a guy of barely twenty riding the bus to an interview while his young wife gives birth to their first child back at the hospital. Mom going back to work instead of Dad in that post-partum period while he continued to look for a job. Meals they sacrificed for themselves so their kids could eat...”