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Sharing my journey in mothering 2 boys that are 15 years apart. Raising a teenager & an infant and loving being a boy mom. A full time working retail tech mama trying to pave a way for my future in hopes of being my own boss mom. Slowly navigating my way through a more conscious way of living by reducing my carbon foot print & switching to a non-toxic lifestyle. Yoga is my outlet and my space where I can reflect and feel grounded. Yoga has brought me out of dark places, I can’t see my life without it.

The meaning behind my Instagram name:
👩‍👦‍👦 my name is Michelle & I’m a mother
🌿 oilygang because I recently became a Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO) member in July 2019 under the group & community that is OilyGang
🧘🏻‍♀️ yoga is my safe space

M i c h e l l e

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IG: @momchelle_oilyogang | Poshmark: @meeshellzbellz | Young Living: #19536525 |

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What’s in my pumping bag?

Check out what I packed in my pumping bag when I returned to work

(water + snacks not pictured)

Am I missing anything?

Idaho Jones Chertsey Backpack

All in one breast pump bag for the on the go mom

Spectra S1 Plus

portable & rechargeable | quiet & discreet
3 lbs
remember to check with your insurance if you qualify for a 🆓 breast pump - I paid a small upgrade fee for the S1

La Vie Massager

lactation massager is a milk expression tool to help milk flow | can also double up as a teething vibrator for baby

Young Living On The Go Diffuser + Lavender Eo

bring that calming environment wherever you go, especially while you’re pumping. Relax mama, you got this

Ahava Hand Cream

I wash my hands a lot so my hands get very dry, this is my fave hand cream in Sea-Kissed

LactaMed Pump Bra Kit

I like to keep this as a pumping bra back up

Pacasso Hands-Free Pumping Bra

I especially like the adjustable Velcro in the back to adapt to your varying chest size during your nursing journey


wet/dry bag to store your parts between sessions, love that there is a detachable pad that snaps onto the bag. the pad is great to layout your parts

BeauGen Cushions

for those that are in between flange sizes or mamas that have elastic nipples or use these for comfort

Pacifier Case

repurposed to store my BeauGen cushions

Medela Wipes

for quick & easy sanitization of parts between your sessions

Reusable Ziploc

because you never know when you need to store those extra parts of keep things separated for sanitary reasons

Kiinde Breastmilk Bags

love the Kiinde system | you can pump directly into these bags & feed straight from them

Kiinde Cooler

perfect to transport your pumped milk | this cooler has 6 slots for your bags + 2 zippers for your freeze packs