Michigan Dance/Movement Therapy Collective

Our mission is to advance, strengthen, and create awareness and acceptance of the credentialed practice of Dance/Movement Therapy in the state of Michigan.

Who we are —

The Michigan Dance/Movement Therapy Collective is a group of Registered or Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapists currently practicing in the state of Michigan. Together we are working toward our mission of advocacy and advancement of our field throughout the Great Lakes State!

Member Profile: Emily —

Emily D. Goodman, LPC, BC-DMT (she/her)

I have a passion for promoting therapeutic change through dance, movement, art making, mindfulness and yoga. My work is rooted in integrating the mind and body in a way that feels approachable. I engage in therapy with a sense of gentle curiosity with the intention of creating a space to help individuals make meaningful change in their lives. I work from a trauma-informed lens and am influenced by humanistic theory and positive psychology. I am also cognizant of the many intersections of identity and continue to challenge myself within this work to honor systemic oppression and help decolonize therapy.

I have eight years of experience working with adults, youth, and families. I am a fully Licensed Professional Counselor and a Board-Certified Dance/Movement Therapist. Along the way, I have helped individuals manage symptoms of anxiety and depression, process grief and trauma, repair relationships with loved ones and cope with the daily stressors of the complexity of being a human. Although I am open to working with individuals from all different backgrounds, I have specialties in: grief, trauma, severe emotional stress, attachment theory, youth, families, autism spectrum disorder, as well as collaborative and body-based approaches to therapy.

I also provide supervision for LLPCs located in Michigan, as well as for R-DMTs.

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Member Profile: Kaitlynn —

Kaitlynn Morelli, BC-DMT, LPC, CYT-200 (she/her)

Kaitlynn is a Board-Certified Dance/Movement Therapist, Nationally Certified Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Yoga teacher, and Reiki Practitioner. She currently holds a master’s degree in Dance/Movement Therapy and Professional Counseling from Columbia College Chicago. Her work is rooted in a holistic, person-centered approach to positive psychology and humanistic theory, with an emphasis on creative expression and authentic movement. Kaitlynn has experience working in both clinical and nonprofit settings with children, adolescents, adults, elderly, caregivers, couples, and families with an array of diagnoses. She is the owner of Inspired Healing: Therapy for Mind, Body & Spirit, a private therapy practice based out of Clawson MI offering psychotherapy, dance/movement therapy, reiki healing, and supervision for LLPC’s and R-DMTs.

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Inspired Healing Therapy Website

Member Profile: Kandice —

Kandice Moss, MA, LPC, R-DMT, IMH-II (she/her)

Kandice Moss is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, holding a Masters degree in Dance Movement Psychotherapy and Professional Counseling. Her own experience of the healing power of dance and movement and her interest in helping individuals find their "why" led her to further her education in this field.

Kandice brings a wealth of experience to her private practice, Moss Therapy and Wellness, PLLC. Kandice holds an endorsement in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health along with certification in Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP). She's worked as a dance movement therapist for children and adults with special needs and geriatic population with Alzheimer's & Dementia. Her current speciality of services include anxiety, depression, trauma and life transitions.

"Connection and relationships" are her motto. Kandice is passionate about helping individuals foster self-awareness and gain insight into their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors by using movement as a modality to further integrate themselves into a whole BEING-- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

In her free time, Kandice enjoys dancing, meditating and reading and most importantly, spending time with her 2 children and husband by having movie nights and trying new restaurants.

Member Profile: Kellyn —

Kellyn Uhl, MS, BC-DMT, Certified Apprentice in the GYROKINESIS® Method (she/her)

To engage in therapy requires courage. The foundation of my work begins with a profound acknowledgment, understanding, and respect for this courage.

I am a nationally Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist (BC-DMT) currently practicing in Mid-Michigan. I received my Masters of Science in Dance/Movement Therapy from Sarah Lawrence College, and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting with a Specialization in Dance from Michigan State University.

My work is rooted in deep care, enthusiasm, and curiosity. I employ a humanistic approach, and take seriously my duty to protect the dignity of each client I encounter while navigating my fourth year in inpatient psychiatry. Here, I offer individual and group therapy sessions to adolescent and adult clients experiencing mental health crises. I am passionate about bringing a creative, playful, strengths-based approach to people in acute distress — to provide vital opportunities for expression, connection, and relief during some of the most difficult and vulnerable moments in a life. I work to foster a therapeutic environment in which all forms of expression — verbal and nonverbal — are worthy of existence and exploration. Movement, dancing, drawing, playing, writing, talking...collaboration and creativity are our means for therapeutic growth.

I am dedicated to expanding our notions of what it is to dance and am interested in exploring what happens when we are invited to dance, not in studios or on stages, but in hospitals, schools, shelters, office buildings, and around the kitchen table.

​Please feel welcome to reach out: [email protected]

Member Profile: Morgan —

Morgan Durocher, R-DMT, LLPC (she/her)

Morgan Durocher is a Registered-Dance/Movement Therapist (R-DMT) with a Limited License of Professional Counseling (LLPC). She received a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Dance Therapy from Eastern Michigan University, and earned a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling specializing in Dance/Movement Therapy from Lesley University. She currently lives in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Morgan works in private practice with individuals identifying as LGBTQ+, a part of the BDSM community, or those who are marginalized around sex, gender, and/or religion. Her therapeutic approach is rooted in a person-centered approach that utilizes the body and movement to expand their awareness and ability to process, while encouraging creativity and connection. She is additionally level 2 trained in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. Morgan works at TheraBee, LLC in Ann Arbor as a Dance/Movement Therapist.

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TheraBee Website

Member Profile: Sarah —

Sarah Miller, MS, BC-DMT (she/her)

Sarah received her bachelor's degree from Alma College. Sarah grew up dancing, and has always had a passion for helping others; while at Alma she learned that she could combine her two passions and fell in love with the field of Dance/Movement Therapy. After Alma Sarah moved out to New York to attend Sarah Lawrence College to earn her Master of Science in Dance/Movement Therapy. Now she is living in Grand Rapids, and working all over West Michigan. Right now, Sarah is working primarily with children with developmental disabilities, but has experience working with adults coping with trauma and the elderly diagnosed with dementia/Alzheimer's. She works with individuals and groups using play and dance to help her clients become their best selves. Sarah is working for Comprehensive Therapy Center as a dance/movement therapist, and assistant program director. Sarah also provides supervision for R-DMT’s and offers opportunities for job shadows and internships.

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