About Us

Hello, My name's Chris and I am the owner and founder of Chris's Autobody and Repair. As a kid I always had a passion for working on cars but never got my hands dirty until 10 years ago. I bought my first car, a '96 Honda eg Hatchback that I was planning on turning into a drag car but my plans changed when I came across my '02 Sedona Red Subaru WRX. My whole world changed in the car scene. I started modifying the car until one day my head gasket blew and I took it to Subaru for a repair. $7500 later and I was mind blown! $7500 for a new lower end and resurfacing the heads. I also waited over 2 months for my car to return to me. After that I knew that mechanic shops are there to make a profit no matter what.

A little break down on what they charged me.
$1500 for the new Block.
$800 for resurfacing the heads.
$400 to flush the coolant system and new fluids
$2700 for parts. Now here's the labor fees.
$1000 to install a new clutch and flywheel.(which I provided)
$900 to install new timing belt(which I provided)
$2900 to remove and re install the motor.
Half of those labor fees were already needed steps in order to complete this job and added no extra time. $1900 added ontop to make a profit.

That's when I decided to provide fair and honest pricing for services rendered. All of my customers are very satisfied with the quality and cost of work I provide.

I provide honest and open quotes and break down everything that's charged. For example on a recent bumper repair I did:
Labor charged: 4:41 at $25/hour rate
Paint: $37.12 for paint that was needed and not provided by customer.
Total job cost: $153.12

I didn't charge labor for the time the paint was drying or during the time the customer and I spoke. Only charged labor for the physical labor.

I'm an honest and hard working individual who provides fair services and pricing for all.