Meet the Designer

“jill of all trades, master of an intentionally good time.”

Although it took some time to realize, my various passions are what led to my brand and this is the portfolio of curated memorable experiences. Through each project I hope to accommodate that same special feeling for you. From events, to styling to coordinating, each piece of the process matters and how that process is formed also matters. It’s my main goal and focus.

Each moment intentionally designed.

Details about me: My pursued degree is in Business Management so I’m first and foremost a lover of execution. In my personal life, I'm a recent first-time mom, born Oct 4th! I have collaborated on projects and events since I was 14 but decided to take on this passion full time 2020 and my favorite flowers are hydrangeas(this is for my husband).

I look forward to discovering & meeting you! Click the link below to have access to my digital business card.

services & add ons.

All packages are customizable & virtual friendly.

  1. Intentional Interiors Package

    Intentional Interiors Package

    This service while similar to our eDesign, offers a more in depth service based on collaboration. As a team, we will be able to take the framework of your concept and create a visual rendering to then create the admired space you hope to achieve.

    Service Includes:
    - 30min complimentary consultation.
    - Completion of the Initial Consult to ensure we’re a good fit for the project.
    - Define the details of the agreement & expected timeline vs budget, must have’s, etc.
    - Per agreement, service will include shopping, layout prep, organization of materials and assistance with final setup.
    - Revisions to the initially agreed styling & design will be billed at an hourly rate.

  2. Strategy Sessions

    Strategy Sessions

    A consult will determine the areas of you’re needing to up-level, and I’ll curate a strategy, systems and execution.

    FIRST. The strategy session is a 2 hour guided video call. Before you start anything, we collect information, brainstorm solutions, and set the foundation for the next up-level you’re seeking. This sets you up for the highest yielding results than your previous process.
    SECOND. I take all the information found in the strategy call and additional research into a big ole 10+ document full of tangible solutions and maps that help you solve the problems your encounter.
    THIRD. I send off the deliverables with instructions on implementing and executing the new strategy in your tool belt.
    OPTIONAL ADD-ON. A biweekly mentorship call to ensure your plan stays on course and any other coaching questions to optimize your confidence in your brand.

  3. Custom eDesign Service

    Custom eDesign Service

    A full scale virtual design experience for the do it yourself-ers but by the room, not the hour. This deliverable package is perfect for those who want interior design styling on their budgeted timeline with as much flexibility as they desire.

    This service includes:-
    - 30min pre-consultation.
    - eDesign questionnaire to define your vision, goal and budget.
    - Once payment is received, floor plan is provided and wall elevation and inspiration, enter the design phase.
    - Depending on scale of project, the customer will be presented with a detailed design board, floor plan with furniture layout and shopping list links with where to purchase furniture items as well as notes to guide your design process.
    Add On: Revisions are available to be included, billed at our hourly rate.

  4. ADD ONs: additional Options

    ADD ONs: additional Options

    Social Media Manager
    Done-for-you implementation and management so you can fully embody your zone of “zen.” Month full calendar and content streamlined to create more traffic to you.

    Day of Event Coordinator
    As someone who loves the fine details, with this package, you will get a “hands-on,” hands-off approach to your special events. I will manage vendors, rehearsals, and any other details, so all that must be completed on your end is to show up and enjoy the memories.

    Defined Day(s) of Assistance
    A full day of intensive, dedicated work on your business or project. A simple consult will determine the areas you need to enhance, and I’ll personally assist in the strategy & execution to prepare you to manage entirely on your own.
    (this service can be booked for to 2 days of consecutive assistance, up to 2-3x in a monthly cycle.)