About Me

Hey, I’m Mikaela, I’m 21 years old and recently got married! I currently work as an administration manager and on my days off I enjoy the beach, exploring and adventures, and being with my friends and family, as well as a bit of sweet me time relaxing!

I enjoy my job however I don’t want to work a standard office job forever, I want to be a present mum one day and create that home and space where I can give my full attention to my family, so I thought I’d give this a go and start now!

I’ve known about this opportunity for two years and once it finally launched in Australia I took the big leap and decided to start as I could see this being how I could accomplish that dream of having more time and freedom with my husband and future family and of course still being able to help support us financially while doing that!

I’m all about dreams and not sticking to reality, we have dreams for a reason and if I can assist in any way of helping you achieve them, then please send me a message and I’d love to share how you can also start here and work for what you want in a fun, rewarding and exciting way!