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Kia ora e te whanau!

I left my online Affiliate Marketing buisiness a year and a half ago due to my mental health, wairua work and navigating a massive timeline /dimensional jump i was going through.

I was making 4 figure weeks online while working a full time job! All from my phone! This platform providee everything i needed to succeed. I juat had to be my authentic self and start helping others see the power in automation !

While being absent from the online space for a year and a half i missed out on soo much abundance that was automating !over 60-7Ok to be exact… This was auto pilot earnings from the work i did at the start… i know right! 👀

I have no regrets though! Because i knew this was the journey i had to take, my mental health was my priority at the time…

The reason i started online affiliate marketing is because i was tired and over working. I also had a deep spiritual awakening in 2018-19 while serving the military. This was my cue to find a business that would offer me the financial freedom to live as i please without having to worry about money. I was tired of the 9-5 and being chaiined to a system . I was searching for a way out and this affiliate marketing was they key to true financial freedom!

Now im going to be honest, Ive tried so many other online avenues, and i tell you now, nothing beats what this affiliate marketing buisiness offers ! It is crazy!! This platform and conscious entrepreneural journey will literally change your life completly and you will impact so many other families and friends ready to leave the rat race.

It is a 5D buisiness strategy that ticked all the boxes for me.. self sustainable, money mindset, health, wealth , healing, impact ans so much more..

When i deactivated my buisiness for that period of time, i was battling depression, suicide, protesting injustice against the system during covid, having massive spiritual break throughs, healing, and re-connecting all while leaving the military of 8years . I was guided by my tupuna to not enter the online space untill i was 100% ready.

I also had to experience not having money or working hard for money in my healing spaces to really see how i dont want to work hard to receive money anymore! ..

As i worked on my money mindset, limiting beliefs around money, rewired my braim and its thoughts, and healed deep generational trauma.. i was ready again! I knew that enough was enough.. I will no longer be bound to 3D scarcity mindset…

I havent been working a 9-5 job since Nov 2021 . My online buisiness and automation is back up and running and im super pumped. I am also excited to help others leave there 9-5 job and create financial and time freedom through their phone!

We are all so deserving and worthy of making more money ., because money is just energy! And what we can do with it is where we can impact and change the way we live here in Aotearoa! I want to impact lives with this platform, retire my parents and build a healing sanctuary for our people! Knowing your why and embodying that is so important as it will help you leap and jump portals into wealth and abundance..

I can see a world where we are all living free and abundant , all by working online or from our phone.. . Times have changed , we are working smarter not harder, and there is more opportunitys to make easy money without having to slave away a 9-5.. or even a job we love but are making very little..

There are ways to manipulate the system and take back your power, inviting more abundance, time and financial freedom for yourself, your family and make such a big impact in someone elses life.

Details below to peep , or message me if you want to find out more!!

Exciting times ahead for us all whanau!
You are so worthy!!

There is room for all of us to WIN!!
I want to see US all WIN
Do the mahi.. get the treats… literally!