Embracing all that is me

Just a 25 year old witch who is obsessed with spirituality, beauty, wellness and self transformation.

My life has changed so much these past few years first, I left a toxic relationship — nearly marriage where I suffered constant emotional and mental abuse from my ex fiancé. I was just so tired of numbing myself with marijuana, alcohol and sometimes even food. I forgot who I was entirely I felt like I had nothing to really look forward to in life.. I just wasn’t happy or even emotionally fulfilled in anyway, life felt pointless. It was when I got to the point where I intuitively felt that I was not being true to me so I one day did everything in my power to get away from a loveless relationship. I was tired of the constant torture, the lies, the cheating, I knew I wanted more from a partner and that I am worthy and deserving of more in love so I just walked away and I never looked back. Not even a glance.. I knew I had some serious work on myself to do and that’s when I went straight down the soul searching rabbit hole and healed my trauma, pain, and most importantly found myself and fell in love with myself all over again. Which was the hardest thing I’ve ever done and still doing. I am much happier today I am surrounded by family who love and support me unconditionally, I have amazing friendships and I am making beautiful new ones along the way. I feel the happiest I’ve been in years and I want more of it in my life. 💛

I am self employed — I was so fed up with showing up for some soulless job that left me drained, taken advantage of, harassed and even sexually harassed by co-workers and even my boss. My last job was at Nike and it was a complete nightmare I remember my last day ever showing up I was working as an opener and before we opened the doors I had to go home – working there was so toxic that my body was starting to feel like it was shutting down I started getting severe anxiety that kept intensifying as the minutes went by, I started sweating, I felt faint and nauseous. It was awful, my body was not happy with me. I knew I had to get out of there and I did and I never went back.

Now I run my own online beauty business that I joined right away with a new friend! I tried the samples she gave me and I fell in love and saw and amazing difference in my hair in only one use! I am absolutely in love and believe that Monat is very special and is magic in a bunch of bottles. I am so excited to see where this new journey takes me, I am thrilled about the people who I am going to continue to meet and connect with. I believe everything I’ve been dreaming of will manifest for me in divine timing. And I cannot wait to help make an impact for others. ✨

If you are looking for amazing clinically backed hair care, skincare, wellness products or all of the above the that are vegan, anti aging — then definitely take my beauty quiz and let’s get connected and find out why everyone is obsessing over them.

Also, a goal of mine is to help as many people I can live the life of their dreams – and I get it it’s okay to feel skeptical and afraid it’s out of our comfort zone to try new things! I was scared to but this opportunity showed up for me in divine timing and I believe it will help me build the beautiful life of my dreams. So ask yourself what do you have to lose? On the other side of fear is clarity so just fill out an application and see if this is the perfect fit for you.

I cannot wait to connect with you, until then keep embracing all that is you.

Mikayla Xx

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