Mike's Delicacies



Festive, tasty, and served well.

Mike's Delicacies is located at #164 Burgos St., Wawandue, Subic, Zambales, and it was established in 2020 by the Madamba's.

Everything in our menu is made in our home and we maintain using only the finest ingredients made from local producers in our province, Zambales. We are known for our freshly prepared baked goods, pastries, and other home-made food.

Mike's Delicacies is one of the happy places of every Subiqueño. If you want to experience our festive, tasty, and served well food, come and visit us. We can also deliver our delectable food to your door.

For delivery and reservation, just contact our number +639665598573, or you may also message us on our FB page Mike's Delicacies.

The Man behind Mike's Delicacies

"I put my heart and soul in my recipe, because cooking is my lovelife."

Michael Madamba is a future educator who aspires to become a well known cook in his town, he is the man behind Mike's Delicacies.

Madamba is an adventurous, daring and enthusiastic, and not afraid to try new dishes or flavors, and then incorporate those flavors into dishes he offers on his menu.

He established his business to bring out the food outside his home. Through that, other people can taste and try his dishes and deliciously made baked goods.


Taste the difference

Mike's Delicacies offers you a daily menu, all freshly prepared in our kitchen, includes cakes, pastries, and other delectable food.

This is the place where every Subiqueños go to satisfy their hunger.

For more information about our flavorsome fare, please visit our website : https://www.mikesdelicacies_food.com.ph

Nutty Yema Spread

Php 180 / 510 grams

Mango Graham Cake

Php 510

Yema Custard Cake

Php 580

Banana Bread with Choco Chips and Cashew Nuts

Php 130

Salted Egg Chicken Wings

Php 180 / 6 wings

Carrot Cake

Php 65 / slice

Baked Sushi with Nori Seaweed

Php 1200 (Party Size)
Php 650 (Medium)
Php 380 (Small)

Hapunan sa Tahanan Set

Php 1300 (6-10 servings)

Includes pancit, calderetta, pinakbet, fried chicken ala mike, rice, and drinks.

Ube Flower Basket Cake

Php 685

Chocolateeey Birthday Cake

Php 800

Samgy Tayo!

Php 955 (5-8 servings)

Includes grilled samgyeopsal-gui,nachos with dip, hotdog, kimchi, lettuce, and drinks

Creamy Tuna Carbonara

Php 750 ( 6-10 servings)

Pista sa Nayon

Php 1,800 (15-20 servings)

Includes creamy tuna carbonara, garlic bread, kakanin, and fried chicken

Cinnamon Bread with Signature Coffee Blend

Php 150

Buffalo Wings

Php 180 / 6 wings

Cheezy Mac n Cheese

Php 480 (4-6 servings)

PumFuBage Patties with Mushroom and Pumpkin Soup

Php 200

Choco Doughnut

Php 30 / 1 doughnut

Ube Cheese Pandesal

Php 50 / 8 pandesals

Cookies with Carabao's Milk

Php 95

Milky Cheese Doughnut

Php 50 / 5 pandesals

Kutsinta with Yema Spread

Php 11 / Kutsinta

Lemon Chiffon Cake

Php 799

Strawberry Cake

Php 850

Ombre Choco Cake

Php 700

Milky Avocado Cake

Php 580

Choco Moist Cake

Php 110

Plantita's Cake

Php 500

Red Velvet na Vet

Php 600