About Me

Welcome Everyone

My Name is Angel (but call me Okpa/Okupa)
This is a place we’re people can just hang out and just enjoy my content, with pictures of my life. That includes Cosplay, Decor/aesthetic pictures and just overall cute things. If your into that.

I also make Art and designs as well as working out and trying my keto diet plan and getting that cosplay body I want. [In Highlights only posts on Instagram] (I use Art Digitally on my IPad Pro/Procreate) also check out my twitter as well if you can for people who came from Instagram~! If you saw me on twitter then hello~!

I was in my second year of college but dropped because of health issues. Since I have the free time to do things (because COVID) can finally become healthy and I hope you guys can support me on that journey.

I currently don’t have a patreon, kofi or OnlyFans
But I do have Cashapp and Venmo if you guys wanna donate if you really want to. If you can I would still love you~ [Info on that at the end]

If you want to ask any questions feel free to DM me through Instagram or twitter or at me through the comments. I hope you have a fabulous day, Drink milk, Eat Tentacles. Save the World!
Donations: Everytime you donate to me I give you a personal thank you and give you a shoutout on my highlights.

[Donations Closed ATM]
Cashapp: $MochiRose
Venmo: @Okpa-MoMo-14