About me

Hi , My name is Brittany aka The Breastfeeding Guru!

I am a first time mom to my baby boy named Korben. My son was born on November 28, 2018. I ended up exclusively pumping for him after many struggles with nursing in the beginning; from infant weight loss, from the heartbreaking cries/screaming to even attempt my son to latch on, from the tongue tie then later finding out he was lip tied as well , from the nipple confusion , from lack of knowledge and lastly the just lack of support .
I didn’t choose this journey, it chose me; but I made the very best out the situation and now I’ve been exclusively pumping for 1 Year and counting. I plan to continue breastfeeding until I can’t anymore !

This journey has been nothing I expected, it has been MORE than what I expected. Its so rewarding in so many ways , almost like a blessing in disguise!

After this experience, I made it my mission to become an exclusive pumping, milk supply and breastfeeding expert. When I started exclusive pumping, there wasn’t much information about how to do it. I spent a ton of time researching and reading everything I could to make sure I had a succeeding journey breastfeeding. So now, I am sharing my knowledge to help ALL mamas become as successful as me with milk supply and breastfeeding!