Keep pushing for the dreams and goals you have, surround yourself with positivity and have the right mindset that will place you exactly where you want to be, we all have goals and dreams but you have a chance of turning yours into your reality. & get ready to watch yourself succeed

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Hey there gorgeous!
Thanks for clicking on my link, and being one of my followers!! I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself!
Originally I am from the outskirts of Seattle, WA, but decided to move close to the heart of the city to explore opportunities and to do some soul searching and to experience the city life!
Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be some sort of influencer, whether that meant starting with being a musician on MySpace, to acting in small plays around my city, or hopefully one day to be a successful YouTuber, or be Instagram famous.
I always found my self really wanting to entertain, and make people feel good about themselves, even getting a smile from someone was so important to me. I’ve struggled with self confidence, and over obsessing over things that I believed made me beautiful, that main thing was the way my hair looked.
I’ve had a major in my hair journey since I started coloring my hair at the age of 12 years old, i tried so many different colors, so many different styles, so many different products.. just to get my hair to be at the goal I wanted it to be at. My goal forever was thick, long, blonde, wavy hair!
Eventually I over processed my hair to the point it melted off and I was left
With a botched black hair color I did my self, dry, very damaged short hair. At that point I had lost all confidence in myself as my hair to me had always been my best feature. After years have gone by I still struggled with breakage, and dry, frizzy hair.
I tried so many products to help and just never felt truly satisfied with the outcome.

However, recently I chose to partner with a naturally and botanically based luxury vegan haircare and also skincare company. I was always so hesitant to join or try there products! But it was the best decision I could’ve ever made for
My hair journey!
Here are some reasons I took the step!
1: The products ARE amazing! I know you’ve probably heard so much about products that’s supposed to be good for your hairs and they ended up not working for you, or it wasn’t what it seemed to be? These products are naturally based, sulfate, and silicone free! They’re 100% vegan which I love because I stand strongly with not testing on animals! And all in all YOU WILL see results! Your hair will feel so much lighter, less oily, and more healthy then ever
2: The support from the girls you are working along side with are so supportive, and genuinely want to help you, I love being able to help and encourage ladies and men to use the products that have worked so well for me and many others as
Well! To see anyone as happy as I am with these products really is so much to me!
3: I have always struggled with not wanting to leave my house for work, I’ve always had the dream to work from home, and this is the most amazing opportunity to give me some different positive experiences, but to also turn my dream of being my own boss into a reality!
Want to know my favorite part?
I get to help ladies and men out there, that have experienced similar situations that I have, and hopefully give them an opportunity to be so much happier with there skin and hair, and THAT is more rewarding than any paycheck.
How can you get started? Let’s click some links and find out ➵