Thoughts Become Things

5 months ago I was randomly messaging a girl on IG about a lash serum that was a little too spendy for me. A month or so later I saw her posting about making money from her phone so I decided to chat and ask her all of the things about how and if this could help me pay for my wedding I was totally IN! I was and still am working full time as a demand planner in a corporate setting & realized that raises and promotions take time. However I thought if I could make money now super quick in the spare nooks and crannies of my day that it would all be worth it for my dream wedding!

Shortly after starting around Christmas they announced a $15,000 bonus and that anyone is eligible. I was so skeptical but slightly intrigued. My fiancé and I were engaged and still are for another year due to COVID-19 and we have the want to be in a house and out of this apartment and so so much more!

After meeting all these incredible women I met through social media making $XX,XXX/month! I was immediately inspired and knew I would be in their shoes someday soon. I jumped in full force and worked my butt off to achieved that MORE $15K bonus and 5 short months later am making a 4 figure monthly Paycheck all from social media! We paid off our wedding & honeymoon (for next year...dang Covid) in cash, & now we get to start building up that house down payment and many more things so much sooner than we ever would’ve been able to!

Im so excited for what the future holds with this business I can’t believe a Five second decision with a leap of faith and courage brought me here!

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