Mina for short...

My name is Jemina, but you can call me Mina for short.

I’m on this marathon called life, always looking for ways to improve my mindfulness, health and fitness, and manage being a professional woman in sports as well as a “winepreneur”.

Enjoy the journey with me... and I have the wine, do you have a glass?

Mina’s Vines

If you’re going to drink wine, drink wine that’s good for you.

Mina’s Vines is my e-commerce wine business with Scout & Cellar. What makes us different is our wine is Clean Crafted™️ -

✨Contains Ø chemicals/additives
✨Low levels of sulfites
✨Ø added sugars (less sugar content & lower calories)
✨Vegan 🌱
✨So damn good!

If you are going to enjoy wine, might as well drink wine that is better for you and better for the plant. No junk, just grapes.

My Top Picks - Fitness

My must haves for my fitness journey 💪🏾

Fitness is such an important part of my life. Not only to fight the “quarantine+15”, but also to help with mindfulness, stress, and it’s one of the best ways to invest back into yourself. Health is wealth.

Check out some of the things that I can’t live without when it comes to hitting the gym.


Plexus Active

I don’t do well with pre-workouts our energy drinks 🤢, but when I was introduced to Plexus Active it was a game changer. It gives me long lasting energy without the jitters or crash, and it’s such a mood booster! Great for 6am workouts or 9am zoom meetings!

Plexus Active

Cycle Shoes

I hate cardio... but I love a good spin class. And that means low lights, a hype instructor, and a bomb ratchet playlist. Decided to step up my cycle shoe game this year so I invested in TIEMs. Working out during the pandemic needs to be as contactless as possible, so I love these shoes because I can wear them on the bike and on the street. No more bringing extra shoes to class!

TIEM Slipstream Cycling Shoes

Body Complete Rx Plant Based Protein Powder

My body responds best to a high protein diet, so protein shakes have become a staple in my meal prep routine. After years of trial and error, I am glad that I finally found a protein powder that doesn’t hurt my stomach (like whey) and tastes great. And it’s black owned! They have limited quantities and they sell out quick, so stock up while you can.

Body Complete Rx Plant Based Protein Powder

Top Shelf🍷

My Top Clean Crafted Wine Selections

The BEST and SMARTEST way to enjoy Clean Crafted wine is through Scout Circle Wine Club. Take all of the guess work and shipping charges out of it-
✨FREE shipping
✨Wine list chosen by a sommelier each month (she knows a little more than me 🤪)
✨Access to exclusive bottles 👀
✨Flat rate every month
✨No commitment (for those of you with commitment issues 😉)

But occasionally you may want to pick up a bottle à la cart, so check out the links to what I’m drinking below.

Scout Circle Wine Club

Introducing a New Way to Wine Club.
Welcome to Scout Circle, the only wine club that delivers Clean-Crafted™ wine right to your doorstep.

My favorite white - Fiddleneck Sauvignon Blanc

I love Sauvignon Blanc and I can drink it anytime of the year! Still my favorite even though it’s technically fall, and we still have the Fiddleneck Sauvignon Blanc in stock.

My favorite red - Che Fico Red Wine

When it comes to reds, I am totally a Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinto Noir lover. But this Italian red wine by Che Fico is delicious, especially if you like a sweeter wine. It’s 50% Cabernet Sauvignon (I’m staying true to my roots!) and 50% Merlot... and 100% delicious!