Awareness Is Key ~ Part 2 —

Awareness skills to unlock your highest potential

By practicing the skill of awareness you can improve your life experience dramatically.

By giving yourself the space to let go and re-align with what you want, you are allowing the power in awareness to be harnessed, knowing yourself enough to know, when your taking actions that are not feeling good then you will also know those actions won't have the desired outcome.

Not feeling good? Then;
realign (get active through a different dynamic, maybe moving your body, sitting in silence or getting creative) do anything that gets you off the subject for a little while.
Then, when you have raised the vibes come back to it and
ask yourself the questions from a higher vibration.

Having the depth of awareness to notice when your off or something isn't going well, and being able to step back, do the work of re-aligning in order to feel different about the situation before moving forward is the work for things to flow with ease.

Trails of thought:
It's not working, there's something off.
Step back!
Become aware of your emotions and feelings.
Let go.
Change up the action, do something non-related until your feeling good.
Take on the situation from another vantage point.
Allow things to flow.

How does your awareness play into your story?
Do you notice the dialogue you are choosing, the energy around the story and the disparity with your desired outcome?
If so, this is a wonderful place to begin to create your new story. Speak and act into being the results you want to have manifest. Applying the awareness necessary to create your definition of success is living your life on purpose.

We often grow up having developed someone else's story of success as if it were our own, this could manifest in needing the dream job, the house, the car, the status, etc. You work hard and put in a lot of effort to achieve all of these things yet your awareness kicks in as you begin to notice you are still unfulfilled.
This is because it wasn't your own story of success.

It could also show up from the opposite vantage point, that you are working hard and efforting to manifest material things that you think are your story but they are not coming, perhaps this is due to them not being part of your core desire, your true personal story is not really about obtaining these things but something else, maybe something deeper.

Often times it takes a crisis for us to wake up and grab our life. That's when we work on developing our awareness, in these times of stress and chaos or crisis. If we can becoming aware prior to the tragedy, we will prevent or protect ourselves from getting blindsided.

Tuning inwards:
Practice noticing the connection of your emotions and your thoughts.
Everything is connected: Our thoughts create emotions our emotions trigger actions, our actions create our reality. As also do our emotions create thoughts that we can not depend on to be true. We can not believe our thoughts. Our inner dialogue affects our mood, our humour and consequential or experience.
We have to be aware of what we were experiencing emotionally and how we feeling while paying attention to the thoughts that we are having at the moment, when we master this we can master also the ability to change and create thoughts that will allow us to have a different experience or outcome.

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Creating a Life of Balance —

Part 1: Awareness

Awareness is key

Step one to living an abundant and meaningful life is living consciously. This translates to living with awareness, regarding everything we say, think and do.

You can not change anything if you are not first aware of what is currently happening, are you conscious of what is going on in your life and how your world is playing out?

If so, this would suggest you have the awareness of that which is going on around you. To enhance your existence, strengthening your awareness muscle is the answer. It will give you the clarity to really begin to create a life without limits.

Awareness gives you your magic power.

Increasing awareness

How do we expand our awareness?

Like any other muscle, it is developed, shaped and moulded through practice and exercise. Becoming an observer of your own life.

Start by becoming aware of the words you are saying, reflect back on them, what’s thoughts and ideas are running through your head? What are things you want more of, or the things you want less of in your life?

Through daily practice, you will begin to change the course of your action, and you will begin to live a more mindful life.

Developing a daily mindfulness practice is the best place to begin improving your awareness skills.

To be more aware we need to become the observer.

Once we become the observer of our own life through observing our emotions, thoughts and actions. We will begin to notice they may be loaded with judgements.

Developing true awareness is mastering the art of observing our thoughts and emotions without judgement about them. What am I thinking? What is happening? Answering these questions without judging the answer as good, bad, right or wrong. Just what is!

Becoming the observer of your own life.

How do we learn to take on the role of the observer?

Firstly, by stepping back, stepping out of the situation enough, that it will give us the space to see it clearly,.When we do this, we remove ourselves just enough be able to recognise the emotions that are coming up as a result of our thoughts regarding the situation. When we can label our emotions we then have the power to make clearer choices or take the best action.

How does awareness play out in our lives, or lack thereof it?

If we are offended or in judgement as a result of something someone said, for example. Having awareness gives us the view to see what is happening behind the scenes, stepping back allows us to take in the facts, rather than just reacting to our emotions as triggers.

It’s not only the lack of awareness but also the judgement of the situation, others or on ourselves that stops us seeing the bigger picture.

When we become aware we are more receptive to accepting things as they are, and are viewing the bigger picture outlook as opposed to being focused on just a small part.

Actionable steps

How to become the observer and develop awareness to improve your life NOW?

Stand in observer mode (non-judgemental awareness place)
step back and take in the bigger picture
expand your chest and breathe deeply
evaluate the situation
feel into the part that feels good
line up with how you want to feel
take action from that place
These 7 steps will give yourself the space to let go and realign with what you want.

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