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Integrative Healing

A holistic approach is one that addresses the whole, unique individual by recognizing the impact of their life stress, history, present patterns of behavior, physical health, emotional well being, and strengths to support a deeper sense of joy and peace.

Mindful Revamp, Inc. offers a mindful and holistic approach to healing within each service available; and Mindful Revamp recognizes that different people require different avenues to wellness.

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Individual and Family Therapy

Specializing in treating anxiety, depression, existential suffering, spiritual questioning, and childhood trauma.

Increase your sense of peace and joy in this existence with the support of psychotherapy. Through this healing avenue, Gabrielle meets with clients in order to assess the impact of past and current stress on emotional functioning, and then draws on the intuitive wisdom, strength and willingness of each client to transform suffering into acceptance.

Gabrielle does not accept health insurance plans, and requires out of pocket payment for services. Session cost:

$125 per 50 minute session
$200 per 100 minute session

Mindfulness Based Coaching

Gaining health through gaining presence

1:1 coaching sessions offer clients an opportunity to learn about concepts related to mindfulness, but more importantly, to practice skills in the here-and-now, process recent use of mindfulness related skills, and plan for continued and improved use of mindfulness strategies.

Mindfulness is the innate capability that humans posess; the ability to be fully present through connection with the five senses, the space within and around the body, thought, emotion and behavior. Mindfulness is the practice which involves intentional engagement with all that is in the here and now.

Mindfulness is the understanding that all that truly exists is that which you can currently experience at any given moment. It is the understanding that past and future are tricks of the mind; tricks that lead to undue pressure, overhwelm, resentment, anxiety and most other painful emotional experiences. Mindfulness is the gateway to natural bliss; the blissful feelings that rest below the surface... which is polluted with toxic illusion.

Bliss is not far, it's right here, right now. Mindfulness based coaching is available to clients seeking opportunity to apply mindfulness skills more effectively in their lives.

30 minutes: $45
50 minutes: $80

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Arts and Mindfulness Coaching Package —

Peace through presence, healing through art

Twelve Weeks of Wellness is a mental wellness program that teaches mental health theory and other in depth topics related to mental health in order to EMPOWER the client's personal journey. Each workshop offers the opportunity to gain knowledge, and also to gain inner wisdom through creative processing of the emotions that arise in response.
When you learn what's behind the clinical work therapists do, you'll begin to demystify the healing process for yourself. And with guided mindfulness woven in and out of every workshop, you'll gain knowledge and you'll experience your self from the most absolute present state of being.

Artistic Processing Coaching Package

Each week, coaching clients receive an email (on the day of their choice) containing the following items: 

Weekly Arts and Mindfulness Based Mental Wellness Workshop (12 total, 50-75 minutes each)

Five Guided Mindfulness Recordings Per Week (60 total, 5 minutes each)

Personalized Pep Talk Video (weekly, approx. 3-5 minutes each)

Weekly Journal Prompts (3-5 per week)

Link to schedule a 1:1 Artistic Processing Coaching Session in order to process information learned and in order to plan for implementation of strategies discovered and desired for wellness (12 sessions total, 50 minutes each)

(Workshops 1-3 will be re-recorded in order to offer new content, altered guided mindfulness and additional educational information)

Give yourself permission to creatively cope with, make meaning of, and experience life with the support of mindfulness and artistic based coaching.

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Mental Health

With Gabrielle Rose Gonzalez

Tune in to these short talks on mental health in order to improve your relationship to the struggles in your life. Expand your peace, spark your joy, and tickle your brain with these brief, yet super duper important, mental health topics.


Boundaries with Self

Mindful Movement

Yoga and Mindful Movement with Gabrielle Rose

Sometimes it is far too difficult for humans to THINK their way out of harmful patterns of thinking. We spend so much time in our minds, thinking, thinking, thinking...

Instead... we can MOVE our bodies in order to expel the harmful patterns. We can dance our way into relaxed mental and physical experiences. We can breathe our way out of emotional pain, or stretch and balance our way out of it.

Talk therapy isn't for everyone (though if you're unsure or have questions about what talk therapy entails, contact Mindful Revamp, Inc. for more information!). And talk therapy doesn't address everything. But movement, particularly through yoga, has the power to offer stability, groundedness, sense of safety, sense of peace and connection to inner wisdom and strength. Sometimes, we don't need deep processing; sometimes we just need a nice, gentle, challenging, flow in the space the body exists in, here and now.

1:1 yoga classes and group yoga classes (via zoom) will be available soon.

Yoga Real Quick

Sun Salutation Instruction Video

Magic in Movement

Yoga for Grounding and Strengthening

Yoga Poses for Anytime, Anywhere

Yoga for Forgiveness