Hey there sis🤍

I’m Mindy, from The K.I.S.S. Life

The K.I.S.S Life, is all about keeping it simple! Being a momma of 5, I did not take the time to take care of myself…most days I was lucky to shower! By the time I hit 40, my lack of self care showed…inside & out. My heart and skin were a mess!

I realized I had to do something and fast. I began with small steps like washing my face and using moisturizer everyday, I couldn’t believe the difference in my skin in just a couple weeks! Then “fun” things like making time to paint my nails and toes, read a book, take a bath. I realized that even setting aside 5 minutes a day made a difference in me, which made me a better wife, mom, and friend.

Since then I have totally transformed my skin, put fitness back into my life, I make time daily for self development, and 2 years ago, I started my own business! I now have a team of over 150 women, working towards goals of financial freedom, time freedom, personal freedom, and more!

My only regret is not putting myself first sooner~ and I don’t mean that in a selfish way but as the saying goes “You can’t pour from an empty cup”…it’s true, Sis. You can’t.

My mission at The K.I.S.S. Life is to share with you simple self care tips~ makeup, skin care, hair, nutrition, natural wellness, fitness, and more to help you take care of yourself while on this journey of motherhood & life. I’d love to have you join me! 🖤