Minecraft Just Realesed a new update: 1.17

Minecraft is a very popular game with over
1 billion players playing it every day!

It had many updates and still have updates today. Some are very good, others added many new things

Now were gonna show the newest update: Caves and clifs

The goat is a new mob in 1.17. It spawns on mountain peaks. If you stand still to long he would get angry and hit you off

Its a grey white color with horns

The axolotl is a friendly fish. It only atacks glowsquid. It spawns in lush cave biom.

It is a pink colored fish.

The glow squid is a new squid that glows! It drops a glow inksack. It can be used to craft a glow item frame and to change a text in a sign to glow. The glowsquid has 8hp(4 hearts) and is very fragile.

It is blue green colored and glows.


Copper is a new shiny metal. It is not very rare to find. You can use it to craft a spyglass and a lightning rod. It turns waxed lightninged if it stands outside for to long.

It is a bronze colored ingot that turns blue because of oxegen.

Amethyst is a crystal. You get it in a amethyst geo. It is used for decoration and to craft a spyglass.

It is purple and shiny.

The moss block is also new. It is found in the lush caves. It does'nt really have a perpis. Its mainly used for decoration. There is also other veraints of the moss block.

It is green and covered in moss!

Ores Dont Drop Ores Anymore. Now They Drop Raw Ingots Like Raw Copper

If you got the new update and start a survival world you probably want to get iron. You get a pick and start mining and you get raw iron, but why? Well in the real world you get raw copper and raw iron and then they smelt it.