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Hey Yall!! Welcome to my Shop!

Hey Yall! My name is Jen Hearn and I have an Amazing Husband and a beautiful daughter. We have 3 cats and 3 dogs. This journey started after we lost our second daughter. We needed an outlet and I started with Diamond Art. I got onto Instagram and found a wonderful community of fellow artists. I also found some amazing resin artists. After months of working on some beautiful pieces, I bought a mold. I had it next to work station and I stared at it for a few more months.

One day I said to my husband, im getting resin to work on this mold. It was small and I researched some resin, but didn't know where to start and purchased a small bottle of us resin. My first piece piece was horrendous. Still sticky, I messed up somewhere. So I tried again until I came out well enough for me to move onto two part resin.

From there it was on poppin! Lol Bought molds, made pieces. My hubby said one day, make your own mold. He seen how much I liked it and saw a pattern in my style and suggested it. My mom saw me getting into and jumped in saying she would help my business. And here we are! Im very proud to have my family by side through it all and I very grateful for all the love and support from all our followers! Thank you for being here with me through this wonderful experience! Its truly a blessing! Xoxoxo