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Creativity is M.E.S.S.Y

Once upon a time, there lived a bored princess who adored children. She utterly loved them to bits, and she had two things, she really wanted to make use of.
The first, she had all the time in the world. This princess was a stay-at-home mom, so she had a little bit more time to spare, and wanted to do something with it.
Number two, her pretty head was always overflowing with the brightest of ideas.

Her deepest desire was simply to make children all around the land, happy and smart.
So, she sat, and sat, and sat, every day in her beautiful castle, wondering just how she could make all her wishes come true.
Then suddenly, like a well-lit bulb in a very dark room, a thought came to her. ‘What if I could find a way to help children learn, while they messily play’?

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Our Products

Sensory Jars & Bags 🎉🎉🎉

Entertaining your kids in the most exhilarating way possible.
Letters, numbers, animals, toys, scoops, bowls, funnels and so many other materials YOU can pick from your home, to start a sensory bin.

The possibilities are endless, whether it’s counting, matching, sorting or a simple game of hide and go-seek.
But the important part? They learn along the way.

Motor skills when scooping and pouring, identifying alphabets, numbers, animals, plants, there’s really no losing!

Rainbow Sensory Jars 🌈

As a means to explain colours, explore textures, sorting and classifying, this option comes with a selection of chickpeas, rice and pasta. It is priced at RM36 for 3 jars.

Insect Sensory Jars 🕷 🦋

To introduce kids to a world of different insects whilst bringing up discussions about their features, body parts as well as where they live. This set includes:

• Barley (bees)
• Rice (ladybugs)
• Sand (bugs)
• Rainbow chickpeas (butterflies)
• Jello (spiders)

Random insects will be included, costing you a total of RM58.

Other Sensory Jars☀️

With this you have the pleasure of being
creative, and DIY’ing your very own sensory bin. From a choice of 6 materials, they are all taste-safe, except for the water beads which require parental supervision.

3 jars costs RM30. Choices include:

• Rice
• Sand
• Crumbs
• Pasta
• Cloud dough
• Water beads

Rainbow Sensory Bags🌈

Invigorating the senses of sight, touch and hearing, this option aims to explore the 7 colours of the rainbow, textures and sounds from both rice and sand (salt). It also helps with motor development skills and is 100% taste-safe. Each colour is placed in individual bags, and is priced at rm28 for each set.

Monthly FunBox


The FunBox purpose is a chance to really explore, discover a variety of materials and texture, fulfill objectives as well as, observe outcomes to playing.

In this month of September, let’s take a dive into the ocean as we introduce our September Messy FunBox!
This sea series has a range of activities perfect to introduce your kid(s) to the sea world 🦈 🗺

The FunBox includes:

1. Puffy Water Gel
2. Starfish Mould & Paint
3. Sensory Ocean Rice
4. Drop Art Painting
5. Under the Sea Diorama

Now we know the ocean is wide and there’s much to learn, but this specially curated funbox for only RM55 is a great first step! 🥳 So book your order now 🤩

🚖 Fees are excluding delivery charge
📦 Delivery to be done in batches

Messy Play Trays

Messy Play Trays are trays equipped with fun materials for your kids, brought right to your doorstep. Likened to a takeaway meal, everything in this set will be delivered to you and yours to keep, upon purchase.

One tray costs RM120-RM140 from a theme of your choice:
• Dinosaur
• Sea creatures
• Unicorn
• Jungle animals
• Baby shark
• Space
• Construction
• Masak-masak

Note: Delivery fee based on charges by a known Grab driver.


Mini Magic Messy Play’s Top Picks

1. Sensory Water Beads Jar – RM10
2. Monthly Messy Fun Box – RM55