Min Kan

Personal Branding Coach

Are you a health and wellness coach?

Are you also a mum with young kids?

Are you always busy looking after your kids and working, and have no time left for yourself, but deep inside of you there is a voice nagging to you🗣:

✅ You are not fulfilled enough and you really want to achieve more in life — not just being a mum.

✅ You have something that you are passionate about and want to share to the world but don’t know where to start.

✅ You want to spend more time with your kids and family and not stress about money.

✅ You have a burning 🔥 desire to create a holistic success on your own terms.

✅ You want to be a role model to your kids so they will learn to live a fulfilled life.


❌ You don’t want to be more stressed and overwhelmed while building your own business.😣

❌ You want to avoid spending a long time and a lot of money figuring out what to do. 💰

❌ You say no to costly mistakes.

❌ You have bucket 🪣 load of this:

😩“Am I good enough?”
🤨“What will my family and friends think of me?”
😣“What happen if I fail?”
😖“I don’t like sales”
🧐“I am not tech savvy”
🤓“I have no qualification in this area”

Now, I am here to tell you: honey, you are in the right place!🥰

Whatever you desire is totally POSSIBLE !!! 🤩

I will empower you and help maximise your full potential. 💪

I can help you build your own magnetic brand so you can get high paying clients fighting for your services in 8 weeks. 📖💨

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About me

Personal Branding Coach for Health and Wellness Coaches

This is Min.

If you know me 5 years ago, I was burnt out, juggling around work and looking after my baby.

At that time, I was a pharmacist and had a well known hair and makeup business and I have 3 degrees under my belt.

However, I know deep inside of me — I have potential and I really really want to achieve more in life.

I was very good at educating myself. So I went through courses after course and spent 30K on my education, but I still don’t feel like taking any actions.

Until one day, I realized this one big thing — everything has turned around for me.

I started taking the right actions towards my goal.

In a very short period of time, I built a successful coaching business and became an international best seller.

If I know this 5 years ago, I will be so much ahead in my business and I can’t wait to share my knowledge with you.