Minty Mama

It's the smell of the ocean for me.

I'm just me!

You can't always count on people, but don't worry that's why we have dogs!

Jen here, minty mama of 3. Barely making it through that 16 to 17yo phase with my daughter and cruising decently well behind her with my 14 going on 15yo fraternal twins.
We live in a zoo, heavy 3 dogs, 2 cats and a bearded dragon named Jeffrey! I'm learning some serious lessons lately but I think learning and growing is the key!
I never seem to learn the first time but am working on not repeating my mistakes.

I love to read!
I'm learning yoga and falling in love with spinning, both of which I never expected.
I'm all about that oily life and using it to any advantage I can in our lives.
If I can't drink coffee and read my book then I want to be on the water in the sunshine.
If you're looking for me you are likely to find me with my sister or my favorite guy.
My favorite place in the world is Sanibel Island where I can be in the sun, on the water and just be.
So follow along in this crazy life of mine as I navigate though raising my heathens, learning my lessons, my fitness journey and spending time with my favorites.
It's a crazy mix here but I think you'll enjoy it!