Invitation to work with me 1:1

Stop feeling frustrated and gain the clarity and confidence you need to run your successful business

The work we do together is Transformational, which means you are not looking at small improvement in your life. Small improvement results in small change. You want to see massive Transformation by Being a completely new version of you.

My clients say they don't recognize who they were before the program because their Transformation have been so phenomenal.
Most of my clients have been into personal development for many years and have never experienced such deep transformation in their life.

Because what we do is UNiQUE: we help you change at your subconscious level.
And I do not want you to take my word for it, just experience it!

During our 2 months together, we work on the following:

BEing: Transforming your identity and mindset, You 2.0:

- Your vision
- Identifying and reframing your limiting beliefs
- Aligning your Subconscious values with your goal
- Subconscious mind reprogramming
- Habits
- Commitments and responsibilities
- Relationship

DOing : and the 4 months following:

- Review your Business model/strategy
- Your offer and services
- Pricing
- Positioning and your Unique Mechanism
- Communication and messaging
- Process streamlining

We will have private 1:1 weekly zoom call and unlimited chat via messenger and voxer, plus weekly assignment!

The investment for the 6 months program is 6k USD only, which I believe is nothing compared to the impact of clarity and confidence you will get.
( 4K USD if you want the Being or Doing part only).

Whenever you feel ready, just send me a message via FB or IG and WE will have a Quick chat, and WE will see if WE are a good fit, i Can onboard you immediately.